Started a business during the COVID pandemic? The demand for warehouse spaces for rent started increasing since the start-ups that occurred during the pandemic. Mainly for the consumers’ shift to online shopping that happened overnight due to lockdowns which overall led to companies having to expand their logistic operations. Now that most companies are back on their feet, more and more people are relocating and looking to expand their warehouse spaces to strengthen their supply chains, not only for growth but to meet the demands of most consumers who want to enjoy their virtual shopping. Before looking for warehouse space for rent, you should know what you are looking for.

First and foremost, look at the different locations, and consider them carefully. In most cases, you can get the best rental rates if you focus your search on unpopular locations. As appealing as it may be, financially, you need to consider that the ‘in the middle of nowhere’ warehouse may slow down operations. It should also be noted how long it will take you to access main highways from the locations that you are considering. Remember, most trucks also make deliveries and pick-up shipments that will need to be taken out on route regularly.

You will also need to understand what your current, as well as potential future space requirements will be. While searching for a warehouse space to rent, you will typically think of the space in two dimensions. However, when it comes to warehouses, you need to think of the height of the ceiling in order to determine how much inventory you can store inside. This is the best way to meet both your current requirements, as well as give you some room to grow in the future.

Secondly, you will need to assess your inventory needs. This will usually entail the conditions of your inventory, to ensure that it remains in good condition. You may have to find a warehouse space to rent with climate and humidity control features. Additionally, you need to ensure that fire suppression and security systems are implemented to protect your space and inventory. While you are at it, you need to consider all the equipment you already have and what you will still be needing. Your chosen warehouse space will need to have enough room for all the equipment that will be used on a daily basis. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the layout as well as the space and sizes of the doors and storage rooms.

Last but certainly not least, you cannot forget about your staff members. Your chosen warehouse space still needs to be a workspace for your team members, it is not only used for storage. Think of it as if you were in their shoes, think about how comfortable and convenient facilities would be to work in every single day. Take your team members into account in order to help reduce the risk of high employee turnover. Find a suitable warehouse space for rent today for you and your business.