In the course of manifesting a dream house, we anticipate wholesome living that is above the ordinary- a place that expresses our style and elevates our lifestyle; a place where we experience a blend of modernity and tradition; a place that exemplifies our emotions and energy where we can savor every mood and shade of nature.

Nowadays, it happens so that luxury is better defined by spaciousness aside from cutting-edge facilities, ravishing interiors, and amenities lavish amenities. Our vision translates into an estate living amidst the bare pure wilderness.

We at SPA Group realize and respect the vision of our buyers and design their vision to detail. Therefore, at Frangipani Estates, we offer extravagant infrastructure with magnificent all-around open space amidst the unspoiled natural scenery of the countryside.

Read ahead to learn more about the distinctiveness of these estates on Sarjapur road. Know how they aim to provide people the luxury of space and unite them with pristine nature, a luxury that’s remiss in today’s time.

  • Extravagance Right At The Entrance 

One-of-a-kind estates on Sarjapur road provide a magnific entry via 75 feet-wide lane on a 9-inch soling top. Then a 3-inch sand bed is crowned with interlocking paved surfaces and cobblestones to ensure that your fleet of vintage cars gets the welcome they deserve. 

Such luxury lanes with expansive medians and tree-lined boulevards are a very rare splendor in residences.

  • Space & Solitude For Each Estate 

The Frangipani estates begin at 22,000 sq ft and go up to 44,000 sq ft (1 acre). The minimum half-acre luxury estates provide an expansive space between individual estates. Further, the three layers of landscaping provide solitude. The first level of trees allows complete privacy, followed by the second level of exotic fruit-bearing trees, and finally, the third level of foliage comprising flowering plants that ooze pleasant scents.

Now whether you want an open-air plunge pool, a sprawling kitchen garden, a horse stable, or private lawns for each bedroom. This distinctive estate can accommodate all with still enough space for your party yards and a well-laid outdoor bar and private premises to park your luxury vehicles.

  • Exquisite Elevations For Modern Day

Relish the exquisite designs reflecting nature, modern architecture, and floor plans that make optimum use of space and resources so that each estate has its captive skyline of beautiful flora and foliage.

At Frangipani Estates, choose from 3 distinct elevations with complete freedom to personalize the interiors of your estate to suit your style.

Here’s a glimpse of the 3 elevations at the Frangipani luxury estates in Sarjapur road, which are rare architectural wonders in their way.

  1. Earth – Become One With Earth 

Take living amidst nature to a whole new level with natural climate control in your home. The single-level estates at Frangipani are designed with the entire Earth reaching the ceiling. Covered with sprawling lawns and an automated watering plan, your home stays at least 3-5°C lower than normal RCC ceiling homes.

This master design allows common spaces on one side and all private bedrooms. Further, the personal spaces are uniquely connected with a central spine overlooking the landscapes.

  1. Pavilions – Be Modish Yet Minimal 

The modern estates with immaculate designs cajole buyers who desire simple but distinctive residency. The modish pavilions here at the estates on Sarjapur road also glorify minimalism. 

They are designed around the central spine to provide natural light in every part of the home. All rooms open into the personal garden on both sides.

  1. Courtyard – Centered Around Exotic

The tropical estates take you back to the old houses with stunning central courtyards. The estate here is built around central courtyards with integrated lotus ponds, semi-covered living and dining spaces, naturally ventilated bedrooms, and a central garden open to the skies.

The design where the courtyard is built around a central garden space open to the sky mostly gives the feel of Bali and Kerala.

The meticulously designed architectural details at Frangipani Estates include characteristic elevations to provide a seamless connection between the indoors & outdoors.

Besides the modern, classic, and eco-friendly estate living crafted, the Frangipani Estates offer one-of-a-kind amenities that allow beyond the ordinary lifestyle. Further, a devoted estate control team is always at your disposal to ensure the upkeep of your estates and the neighborhood.

The mansions at SPA Group‘s Frangipani Estates provide a world-class infrastructure of a gated community nestled in a pristine, pollution-free, and peaceful environment. These estates for sale in Sarjapur road are strategically located to provide access to the fastest-growing Sarjapur Road and NH7 Hosur Road. The location is handpicked, with the best educational institutions, workspaces, and medical care within a drivable distance. Come and feel the fulfillment of the pleasures and experiences beyond tangibles at Frangipani Estates.