We all live in a world where threats and vulnerability are pretty standard. That’s why everyone needs security. Security for ourselves by hiring bodyguards but have you ever thought about how to protect our house and workplace from robbers and thieves? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward using a lock and Keys. Perhaps that’s why they came into existence. Locksmith Norcross is one of the best locksmiths who mends and makes one of the best locks and keys ever. Do ever visit the shop and you will be fascinated by its charm and beauty. Below are some fantastic facts about the lock and key that will amaze you. Some fantastic facts and funs about lock and key: 


Elements of Lock:

Locks consist of 3 components. The three components are the body, shackle, and locking mechanism. The locking system is the internal component that controls the opening and closing of the padlock. The body is a rectangular square piece component in which a shackle is inserted. A shackle is a U-shaped piece of metal.



One of the most important elements or components of lock and key. It is the body of a large square in which the shackle is inserted. According to some historians, it is believed to have appeared around the 15th century. It is a combination of “pad” and “lock.”


Dimple Key:

It is a less complicated key that generally relies on the dimples in the actual key to open a lock. Dimples are cone-shaped, and they should match the dimple of the lock. When the proper alignment of both the dimples takes place, the lock will be opened. The most interesting thing is There are two sets of dimples located in the lock, and the dimples situated in the key are aligned in the same way. That means we don’t need to enter the key in the proper or any particular direction or position to unlock the key.



YES!! You are guessing, right. Birds can pick up locks and keys. In a documented account of 2014, a parrot named Magic picked up not but TWO padlocks on this cage to escape to freedom. That’s why Freedom for birds is always important.


Wireless Technology:

Have you ever wondered if some locks may work on the principle of wireless Technology? In the 21st century, the word impossible doesn’t exist. Engineers and Technicians have developed Bluetooth locks !! 

It is designed to open by pairing with wireless devices like smartphones or tablets. However, it lacks the security of high-quality keyed locks.


Vat Keys:

Due to advancements in technology and science, we have upgraded versions of everything, starting from a needle to a smartphone. Similarly, in time, the lock and key system have upgraded itself. Recently Vehicle Anti-Theft (VAT) key was launched. It improves the security and safety of the Vehicle. It also has the feature of adding a security chip to the key. The additional security generally depends on how much protection the owner needs. They are tough to replace due to security chips. That’s why it is suggested by the locksmith Norcross to buy a new set of keys and duplicate the original one and create a new VAT chip.


Skeleton Keys:

It sounds like a ghost and a haunted story from the name.doesn’t it ? Many theories have been developed about the name of this type of key, but in reality, these are the master keys. Master keys can work on many locks because they strip down their essential parts or skeleton. It is not a mysterious key; rather, it is known for its capabilities and reputation. Many keys are made by Locksmith these days to open the doors of those doors whose keys have been lost. Locksmith Norcross has a distinct section for skeleton keys and master keys.


First US Locksmith Company:

The Yale & Towne Manufacturing company launched in 1868, which was the first locksmith company. The company grew and exported locks around the globe by 2001. Locksmith Evansand Locksmith Norcross are some examples of highly respected and trustworthy locksmith shops.




Isn’t it surprising that locks and keys can have such amazing facts? Well, there are numerous amazing fun facts about lock and key that can amaze you and, at the same time, rejuvenate you. Not only this but also we all need to buy those locks which can protect our house. The locks are durable, hard, easy to handle, friendly to children, and above all, the qualities are present in the locks from Locksmith Norcross. What are you waiting for to order your locks right now from Locksmith Norcross?