Actions are software programs that command Photoshop, causing it to execute precise sequences of instructions. An image can be transformed to correct a flaw, enhance an attribute, or convert an ordinary shot into a phenomenal graphic with a single click.

iNovaFX Actions cover several categories. Some repair image “issues” like barrel distortion or chromatic aberration. Some enhance images by filtering out age lines or digital compression artifacts. Some Actions add effects only previously available with optical filters such as cross stars, grad filters, diffusion effects, infrared filter effects and polarized skies.


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Four series of Actions emulate the look of selected leading Hollywood motion picture treatments. “One large group takes Photoshop’s own Filters and injects them with digital steroids,” iNova states. “A few defy categorization entirely, like the iButterfly Action set that wraps any image into the wings of a mounted graphic butterfly.” Still others transform images into convincing oil paintings, wet watercolors, precision airbrush art and advanced photo illustrations.

The eBook is great news for every advanced photographer and presents three major innovations:

First, its 600+ original Actions work with Photoshop 7 through CS3 on any digital image from 6 through 12 megapixels, and most Actions work on images of any size.

Next, the entire eBook is available on CD or a fast USB 2.0 Flash Drive. The fast 1GB Flash Drive has enough extra room to carry the entire eBook, the iNovaFX Actions and large user projects from computer to computer. Customers have preferred the USB Flash Drive option by more than ten to one.

Finally, eBook images are interactive. Readers can see before/after examples changing on the page, right before their eyes. Some images have up to ten variations stacked in one spot demonstrating exactly what changes from one option to the next.