If you want to dive into a drop shipping business to sell a wide range of fashion accessories online but you are confused about what accessories you should sell online in Nigeria, then this post is for you. You are also aware of a wide range of products on the market, but sometimes it becomes hard to find and choose which type of accessories are more demanding in the market. Don’t worry, in this post, we will discuss different types of fashion accessories for sale in Nigeria. Let’s move further and take a look at the accessories that you should sell online in Nigeria.

Necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets:

If you sell jewelry in your e-commerce store, then it can be a beneficial business for you. In 2018, approximately 29 million people bought jewelry online. At present, with the increase in technology, selling fashion accessories and other items online is getting expanded. If we talk about necklaces, people often think that only women wear this ornament, but you will be amazed by knowing that men also wear this irrespective of culture. It is predicted by experts that jewelry sales in Nigeria are growing rapidly and that’s a great thing.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are really dissimilar, but you can sell them in gold, silver, diamonds, or nickel material. The reason behind it is that everyone cannot buy a diamond or gold necklace, they can get it according to their budget. Jewelry can be a comparatively inexpensive and fast way to accessorize an outfit. The right necklace can make a huge difference, so, cost-effective as well as high-quality jewelry is in demand

In addition, it is very easy to market these products. Suppose, if a social media influencer posts a video or photo wearing a stunning necklace or any other ornament, then most of her followers want to buy a similar ornament. Moreover, the shipping cost of jewelry is comparatively very low.

Why should you market your jewelry?

There are a lot of social media platforms where you can sell rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, such as Instagram, Facebook, and many more. If you want to market these ornaments like this, first of all, you need to get professional photography of these ornaments with the model. However, you can create a video of a model wearing your products. Videos attract more people as compared to photos, so you should go with video content.


Wearing the latest designed sunglasses can give a stunning look to every person. Sunglasses also protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays, which come from the sun. Sunglasses become a ubiquitous fashion accessory to sell for men, women, and kids, whether they are on your face or sitting at a top of your head. If you sell differently designed sunglasses online, a lot of people will get them as there will be a lot of designs for customers to choose from.

In Nigeria, the sunglasses industry is a tremendous business that is growing rapidly. Every year, a wide range of sunglasses are being sold by many eCommerce platforms, and the reason is simple behind it is that people like to wear them. Moreover, sunglasses are available at a very cheap price, and people can buy them from any online platform. The sale of sunglasses is very high; often, you see celebrities, cricketers, and social media influencers wearing different types of sunglasses. Also, another reason for selling the sunglasses is that they are cheap to make, light to ship, and small to store.

Besides, there are a lot of good ways to sell sunglasses online such as using social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest). Make sure that all of your social media profiles should be linked to your eCommerce store. While uploading pictures of sunglasses on your social media account, write everything about the sunglasses that you want to sell, such as details about your shades, their color, the shape of a lens, and frames. And also share whether they are protected from UV rays or not. It is one of the best ways to list its measurements. Apart from this, you also should request your customers to post pictures or videos of themselves on their social media accounts with a hashtag since this works well for extending your reach.


With the upsurge of smartphones, the demand for simple watches is reduced. But it does not mean that watches are not sold yet, while the demand for stylish and branded watches is still continuing. Nowadays, smartwatches are used by the majority of people around the globe. Numerous kinds and styles of watch you can sell online, you can either select to specialize or try to attract many customers. You can advertise and sell watches creatively in a lot of ways, whether your buyers are interested in a dress watch, a sports watch, a waterproof watch, or a smartwatch. These watches are not much expensive, so you can sell them easily online because people always get inexpensive things.

In addition, there are a lot of ways to sell watches online, such as using Instagram and Facebook. You can hire a model to advertise your products. Get a photoshoot of your model wearing your watch, create a video, and post it on different social media platforms. This is one of the best means to sell not only watches but also other products.

Final words

Listed above are some of the most demanded, and selling accessories that you should sell online in Nigeria. Hope you pay attention to including these accessories in your list while selling accessories online. At last, if you have any questions regarding this post or want to ask anything about online selling, you can ask us in the comments section; we will surely answer your questions and clear your all doubts. In addition, now Buy and Sell Online in Nigeria is very easy with usnapp.ng. If you really like this post, share it with your friends who want to sell accessories online in Nigeria.