In this post, we’re going to give you the Importance of estate planning and current will to ensure your loved ones are taken care of and avoid potentially devastating consequences.

Why do you need a Will?

If you die without a Will the law says you have died “intestate”, which means that you have left no valid instructions as to how your property will be distributed. Your estate will (Current Will) then be divided up according to a formula in the legislation.

Why do you need an up-to-date Estate plan or Will?

An up-to-date Estate Plan or Will allows you to:

  • Decide how your assets will be distributed after your death;
  • Choose who you want to manage the distribution of your estate;
  • Provide for your family as you wish;
  • Possibly save money on tax;
  • Ensure your Superannuation and life insurance is dealt with as you wish; and
  • Ensure any trusts or companies are properly managed.

When should you review your Estate Plan and update your Will?

Your Estate Plan and/or Will should be reviewed every 2 (two) years at least or upon any of the following circumstances changing:

  • You divorce or marry;
  • You have children;
  • You or someone named in your will change their name;
  • Your Executor or a Beneficiary dies;
  • You sell or buy a property or create a company or trust that you have dealt with or need to deal with in your Will;
  • You enter or cease a de facto relationship; or
  • Your wishes change.

Do you have a “Blended” family?

If you or your partner has children from a previous relationship then we recommend you seek our advice in relation to your Estate Plan and Will. Wills for blended families can be more complex as the testator usually wants to provide for both their children and their current spouse, which can require particularly careful planning.

What will Aylward Game Solicitors do for you?

We will take care of the process for you, including:

  • A comprehensive review of your personal circumstances;
  • Detailed advice to ensure your loved ones are provided for in your Will;
  • Your Will is properly drafted, signed and witnessed;
  • Your estate planning goals are clearly addressed;
  • The potential for your Will to be challenged after your death is minimised;
  • You receive accurate advice on capital gain tax issues from us, as well as appropriate accountants or financial planners;
  • Your original Will is kept in a safe place; and
  • Your superannuation funds, life insurance, companies, and trusts are properly dealt with.

Costs of Estate Planning and Will Preparation

The cost involved in an estate plan review and the preparation of a Current Will depends on individual circumstances and how complex the Will needs to be in order to effectively deal with your individual circumstances. The Will is only one element of a broader process.

We do however offer very reasonable fees for an estate plan review and Will preparation.

When you consider the peace of mind you will have in knowing everything is in order in the event of your death; the cost of drafting your Will is not an expensive outlay.

An Estate Plan and a Current Will is some of the most important documents you will make in your lifetime and without professional advice, you could unintentionally leave your family with very complicated, difficult and expensive issues to resolve.

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