Strong writing skills is a must, not just for becoming a bestselling author but also for many other careers. If writing is what calls to you, then becoming an author is probably the right choice. That being said, there are a number of factors that go into becoming an author. We have compiled a list of tips to get you started right away. These tips will give you a gentle push in the ‘write’ direction by providing context and insight into what it takes to become a successful author.

What does it mean to be an author?

If a person can create a piece of written content, whether that is a short story, book, blog, article, journalistic piece, essay, screenplay, or poem, they are an author. The difference between a writer and an author is pretty simple. If a writer is creating original content, they are classified as an author. In other words, an author is a writer, but a writer isn’t necessarily an author.

Categories of writers

There are a couple of categories that authors fall into, namely, fiction and non-fiction authors. These categories are self explanatory. A fiction author writes pieces that have fictional elements such as fantasy or sci-fi writers, while a non-fiction author writes based on verified factual events.

So now that we have the explanations and definitions out of the way let’s look at the tips that can help you succeed.

Tips to becoming a successful author

There is no correct way of writing. Every person will have their own writing style and how they go about a topic. That being said, there are certain steps you can take to improve your current writing abilities.

Education is key:

Education is not a prerequisite to becoming an author, but a little education goes a long way. While you may not need a degree to become an author, you need to be well-versed in the art of writing as well as the topic you are writing about. In this day and age there are many online courses from institutes and colleges that you can virtually attend to get those writing skills all polished up.

Building on your writing skills:

While you’re doing your online writing course online, you can apply for an internship with publication or newspapers to work on those authoring muscles. This way, you can gain important practical skills to become an author while completing your education.

Adopt writing habits:

Once you have acquired the information from your online courses and brushed up on your writing ability through internships, it is now time to introduce writing into your daily life. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Writing creative, engaging stories
  • Researching
  • Reading books from different genres
  • Observing places and people
  • Accepting feedback and critiques and applying them to your work
  • Learning through writing everyday

Write your original piece:

Go forth, and author an original piece of writing. Enter your writing area, and don’t leave until you’ve created your original piece of work. Now is the time to apply all the previous steps. Start by creating an outline, writing on a set schedule, developing a rough draft, and editing. Et voila! You are almost a successful author. All you have to do now is…

Publish it:

All that is left to do now is publish your polished, finished work! Now there are a couple of ways to publish your book, i.e., go to a traditional publishing house, or self-publish. Once you’ve chosen the way that suits you, you still have to market your work. But that is a list for another blog.


Becoming an author takes a lot of work. Putting in your best effort into becoming an author will take you to another level. Remember, becoming a successful author ultimately comes from doing your best, building up your skills, and writing.


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