QuickBooks Error 12007 shows up when the QuickBooks program is unable to connect to the Internet. Most of the time, a broken internet connection is the primary cause of this error. There are other reasons as well. We will be going through all the potential causes of this error in this lucid article. Most of the time, this error is caused due to a network timeout. If you follow the steps below, you should be able to fix this problem without any trouble. So, let’s read the article and find out the potential causes of this error and the different approaches to fix QuickBooks Error 12007.


What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error 12007?

Major causes leading to this error include:

  • QuickBooks can’t connect to the server because the network has timed out.
  • Internet Explorer is not the web browser that is used by default.
  • A firewall or other security program that stops QuickBooks from working.
  • The SSL Checkbox may have been taken off of the Internet Explorer option.


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What are the different methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 12007?

Given below are the various methods to get this error fixed.

Method 1: Incorporate SSL in Internet Explorer

  • Make sure the Internet connection is set up correctly.
  • After that, click the Internet button and then choose the Advanced Network Settings.
  • Thereafter, open the Internet Properties window.
  • Under the “Advanced” tab, make sure that SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are both checked.
  • Click Apply, then click OK.
  • Close the QuickBooks program, and then turn on your computer again.
  • Now is the time to update the QuickBooks Payroll service.


Method 2: Open Windows in Safe Mode with Networking

  • First, restart your computer.
  • Them, Press F8 key repeatedly to get to the boot screen.
  • You should choose the option “Safe Mode with Networking.
  • After the system has started up, open QuickBooks Desktop to see if error 12007 got fixed.


Method 3: Updating QuickBooks software

Make sure that QuickBooks has been updated to the latest version. If not, then follow the instructions given below:

  • First, open QuickBooks and then hit on the Help menu.
  • Now, click on the option to Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to get going and download the updates.
  • Now, restart the computer.
  • Open QuickBooks and provide consent to the automatic installation of the downloaded updates.


Method 4: Checking Internet Settings

  • To check the Internet Explorer settings, you must first close QuickBooks and then open Internet Explorer.
  • Right after, go to “tools” and choose “Internet settings.”
  • Go to the Security tab and set the security level to medium-high.
  • Open the connection tab as well, and if you’ve never used the system’s dial-up node, choose the option that says “never dial-up.”
  • Choose the right ISP.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Select the LAN settings tab and make sure that the “Automatically detect settings” box is checked and that you are using a proxy server.
  • You must now go to the advanced tab, choose Restore Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu on the settings tab, and then look for the USE TLS 1.2 option and choose it.
  • Click OK to keep the changes you’ve made and turn off Internet Explorer.
  • After you restart your computer, try updating QuickBooks.
  • Check to see if the error code 12007 is still there.


Method 5: Reset settings of QuickBooks Update

  • Turn your computer off.
  • After you clear the QuickBooks updates, try to download an update.
  • Make sure the company file starts up in “single-user mode.”
  • Download the most recent update for QuickBooks and then install it.


Method 6: Set Internet Explorer as the Default Browser

  • Start Internet Explorer and choose Tools from the menu.
  • Press the Internet Options button.
  • Click on the tab called “Programs.”
  • Pick Make default, and then press OK.
  • After you restart QuickBooks, check to see if the error has been fixed.


Method 7:  Resolve issues in Internet Explorer

  • Press the Win and R keys at the same time to open the Run Window.
  • Type inetcpl.CPL and hit the OK button.
  • The window for Internet Options appears.
  • Find the tab called “Advanced.”
  • From the list of Reset Internet Explorer options, choose Reset twice.
  • After clicking the Delete personal settings option in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window, choose Close.
  • After you restart QuickBooks Desktop, check to see if the error has been fixed.


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Summarizing this article, we discussed the different troubleshooting approaches to fix QuickBooks Error 12007. If you need support, just give a call at our helpline number +1-800-761-1787. We are always here to solve all your issues.