Fleece has been around for many years, but for the last 8-10 years, it has become a fashion symbol for usability and look. They are soft, warm, lightweight, and breathable; they are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for winter apparel.

Because as soon as winter comes, we get anxious and worried about having the right clothes to make us look stylish while keeping us warm. We also stock up on garments for layering when it becomes too cold. In winter these make great mid layers under a coat but they also double up as top layers in the warmer months.

If you want something that will make you look chic while keeping you warm, then fleece is the right apparel. We have compiled some of our best Schoffel Premium Fleece gilets, tops and jackets that are must-haves for this winter season.

Schöffel, to use the correct way it is written (pronounced more like Schoeffel), are a German company that produces amazing fleece gilets and jackets for your convenience and fun. This range though, is specifically designed for the British and Irish countryside so, if you live in the UK or Ireland, we have suitable fleece vests (waistcoats or gilets), quarter zip fleece jumpers and fleece jackets, depending on what they are for. Schoffel have become the leading maker of country clothing fleece. So, let’s cut to the chase and take a tour of their best fleece tops.

Eight must-have fleece gilets, tops and jackets for men and women, even the kids

Oakham Fleece Gilet for men

This fleece gilet is one of the most popular premium fleece vests ever made. It isn’t just for winters but for all seasons because it is carefully handcrafted by Schoffel using only the top-quality materials. The fleece material made by Pontetorto, is their Tecnopile insulating pile fleece. It is warm, comfortable, and incredibly durable. The waistcoat is then finished with Alcantara trim that is Schoffel’s signature.

Apart from this, it is also one of the most versatile country attire because of its usability every season. So, if you want to look hot during the winter, you know what to buy.

Schoffel Lyndon Fleece Gilet for women

This premium body warmer is the epitome of luxury because it is handcrafted using the Pontetorto Tecnopile fleece and keeps the body warm while looking stylish. It has a drawstring in the mid back, giving it a more tailored feminine look. This bestselling piece isn’t only super chic and versatile because it can be worn anywhere and anytime. But it works particularly well during winter because it works as a layer and protects you from cold.

Apart from this, it also contains suede-like Alacantara trim, making it the first choice for all stylish women.

Schoffel Berkeley ¼ Zip Fleece for men

This all-weather quarter zip collar fleece jumper is an essential buy because it does its work without making you bulky. The best thing about these jumpers is that they are made with the Pontetorto Tecnopile fleece with quarter YKK zip and an adjustable cord at the hem. You can also wash it in the machine without any worries and it is quick drying, as with all of these fleeces.

Schoffel Tilton ¼ Zip Fleece

This full-sleeve women’s pullover is designed with Pontetorto Tecnopile fleece, making the whole jumper super comfortable and the epitome of beautiful craftsmanship. Anyone who wears it gets an instant sporty and flattering look that is hard to achieve with any other jacket. Once you start wearing it, there will be no going back, as it will become your go-to pullover.

Schoffel Burley Fleece Jacket

This full-zip jacket has such a stylish trim with zipped pockets that it makes you look classy. This practical and elegant jacket will become your identity if you are a country lady. It is smart apparel that you can use to stun everyone during all weather.

The Burley is a warm and cosy jacket that keeps you comfortable in all weathers because of its incredible tailoring and material.

Schoffel Cottesmore II Fleece Jacket

This is a full-sleeve version for men with a full-zip in a new updated version. This premium fleece jacket like the Burley but for men has all the features of Pontetorto Tecnopile, YKK Zip and Alacantara trim. Like the Oakham it is perfect as a mid-layer under a coat or top layer in the warmer months but with the arms too it is extra protection from the winter chill.

The Cottesmore is a versatile fleece jacket, a cut above the rest in fleece jackets for men with its mixture of durability and finish.

Schoffel Little Oakham for Boys

Schoffel Little Lyndon for Girls

We told you about the Oakham fleece gilet for men and the Lyndon fleece gilet for the ladies, well there is the Little Oakham fleece is for boys and Little Lyndon Fleece for girls too. You can also expect the exact kind of craftsmanship from these smaller fleece waistcoats. This turns any ordinary dress into a styled one because it has a sleek finish with a signature Alacantara trim on Pontetorto Tecnopile fleece.

There is nothing better than keeping our youngsters warm throughout the year and making them look stylish and adorable with these gilets.

What can be taken from this

How fleece jackets or pullovers make us feel is phenomenal because they provide perfect insulation, comfort, and breathability. Undoubtedly, it has become the go-to material for men, women, and kids.

If you want to look perfect while being comfortable, I suggest you try one of these Schoffel Fleece Tops because you won’t settle for anything else once you do. Though not exclusive to the countryside, Schöffel Premium Fleece has become the epitome of Country Clothing style.