Variations as Radio Buttons

Display product variations to give maximum exposure to products and increase sale conversions with WooCommerce variation swatches pro. It enables you to create radio buttons as per your preferences and simplify the user experience. It eliminates the confusion about the availability of the products. WooCommerce variation swatches on shop page enable you to display product variations to show colors, images, and text labels. You can also hide the radio button for out-of-stock products by crossing them out or blurring the variations radio button. This plugin enables you to show radio buttons on selected or all variable products. It allows you to customize the radio button shapes and many more according to your preferences. 

User Role Editor

Manage stores easily by assigning multiple roles to other users with the help of the User role editor WooCommerce. It enables owners to automatically assign and switch users based on the conditions. Admin empowers users with a high authority role to access more products and make purchases in increased quantities.  WooCommerce Custom user roles allows you to make time-based roles and automatically changes after a specific time. Rules are based on four conditions i.e product type, category, order amount, and total shopping amount. This plugin allows you to switch back to your previous role followed by email notifications with the reason for changing the role. 

Biometric Login

Secure your online store from spam users and increase customer trust with Biometric Login for WooCommerce. It simplifies the login experience of users powered by WebAuth technology. This plugin enables you to set the position of biometric login i.e before or after the default login. Users are now able to log in fast and feel secure about their data from phishing attacks with WooCommerce website biometric login. It allows users to authenticate their biometric login with a password. The owner can restrict biometric login to specific users and can also customize the text of different buttons. Users can view their registration history and also delete or add new registrations.

Cart Discount

Boost sales and revenue by offering a discount based on multiple conditions with WooCommerce cart discounts. It generates an automatic discount if the conditions are met by customers while purchasing. This plugin allows the owner to offer a discount on a defined range of cart items, quantity, products, and weight of the cart. You can also give discounts on specific categories and users. WooCommerce fixed cart discount enables you to send discount emails to customers with info slot maxwin abandoned carts. It encourages the user to avail discounts and completes their orders. You can define the nature of the discount as a fixed price or percentage price. Customize text, color, font, size, and logo for rules discount, congratulations popup, and widget.