Gun skins in Free Fire do more than just change the way the gun looks. They also have special abilities that make them an important part of the game. Players can get these by opening certain crates that must be bought with diamonds.

Users can also get them for free at events or by using redemption codes. The second option is better since these have to be redeemed in order to get the rewards.

Today’s Free Fire redemption code

Redeem code: GY52RK7ATA5R

Get 1 Hysteria Weapon Loot Crate as a reward.

The code for the Hysteria Weapon Loot Crate is still good, and you should use it quickly to get the gun skin from the crate.

Note: The above code is only for people on the NA, CS, and SAC servers. So, only people who live in the area will be able to get the rewards.

Using the Free Fire redemption code on the Rewards Redemption Site to get free rewards

To get the prizes, players need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Players must go to the official site for redeeming rewards. It is a website where they can use the redemption code to get the rewards.

Step 2: To use the code, users should then sign in. On their website, they give you a number of ways to do this.

Users with a guest account can’t use the code, and they have to bind their Free Fire account to do this.

Step 3: After players have successfully signed in, they can paste the code above to avoid making a mistake. The next step is to tap the “Confirm” button.

Step 4: Once the players have successfully redeemed the code, the developers will send the rewards to their accounts within 24 hours at most.

Step 5: To get the rewards, players can open Free Fire on their devices and go to the in-game mail section.

When the code has run out, users will get an error message. The code is wrong, the error message will say.

Server: The Free Fire code can only be used in the region you chose. So, users who aren’t on that server won’t be able to get the rewards and will get an error message instead.