The most important gift you can give is a cake. A cake is an expression of love, commitment and gratitude. It’s not just a birthday cake or anniversary cake but something that sets the tone for the occasion or event. The world is getting small and globalised at a fast pace. We often send gifts far away to spread love to dear ones wherever they are in the world. A personalised cake with a photo image is ideal for both physical and virtual occasions. You will always find a place in your heart for the ones that hold a special place in your heart. Express your feelings with a beautiful and delicious cake and showcase your affection, especially by gifting it and the smile on your face. So, here are some Fun-Filled Cakes for Every Celebration :

Chocolate Pinata Cake:

Chocolate Pinata Cake is a mouth-watering, eye-catching and fun way to celebrate any special occasion. With the unique combination of chocolate cake and milk chocolate ganache covered in colourful sugar strands, your guests will be talking about this special cake long after the party ends!

Funfetti Cake:

For a birthday party, a Funfetti cake is a perfect choice. The bright colours and fun sprinkles make it a festive dessert that young children are sure to love. A Funfetti cake can be customised to your specifications, with any type of frosting and layers. In addition, you can design your decorations for the top of your Funfetti cake as well!  A funfetti cake is a layer cake with piles of little sprinkles in the batter. This fun dessert is more than just a simple white or a yellow layer cake with vanilla frosting. Funfetti cakes are a lot of fun to make and eat, too! They might be called the “Happy Birthday Cake” because they are colourful and exciting.

Rainbow Cake:

A Rainbow Cake is a buttercream cake that has a rainbow of colours. The original recipe was originated by Gretchen’s Bakery, located in Washington State, United States. Made of colourful layers of white, yellow and red delicious cake, the rainbow cake is a fun and festive dessert that will please young and old alike. Rainbow Cake is a multi-layered rainbow-coloured cake. It has seven layers of colour that alternate from dark to light. This Rainbow Cake is not only delicious, but it’s also beautiful! Made from scratch, the rainbow cake layers are filled with vanilla buttercream and topped with the most vibrant rainbow frosting.

Chocolate Pull Me Up Cake:

A Chocolate Pull Me Up Cake recipe is a unique spin on the classic chocolate cake – with a layer of rich, fudgy brownies nestled in between moist layers of chocolate cake. Chocolate Pull Me Up Cake is a festive dessert that can be served on any occasion. The layers of moist chocolate cake will amaze your taste buds and delight the eyes. This cake looks like a work of art, but it’s pretty simple to make. Chocolate Pull Me Up Cake is the ultimate chocolate decadence. The rich chocolate cake is layered with caramel, fudge and chocolate buttercream before being dusted with cocoa powder.

Personalised Jar Cakes:

Discover a unique gift idea with Personalised Jar Cakes that you can customise to fit any occasion, theme or flavour. Personalised Jar Cakes make the perfect gift. Beautiful, stylish and delicious, Personalised Jar Cakes are the ultimate in decadent gifts. Bring your message to life with a beautiful jar cake of your favourite flavour. Personalised Jar Cakes are a delicious and rich option for your next celebration. Personalise with the name of your friend, family member or loved one to make them extra special!

Cakes are a great gift idea for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party or just to show your appreciation for someone, a cake is always the perfect choice for a celebration.  Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasions, there is nothing quite like the joy of opening a beautifully presented cake box to reveal a gorgeously iced cake decorated with exquisite hand piped details. So, here were some Fun-Filled Cakes for Every Celebration. Bakingo offers online cake order with same day & midnight cake delivery at cake order app. You can easily go for online cake delivery in Pune and surprise your best friend like never before!