If you haven’t lived under the rocks for the past few weeks, you’re probably familiar with PSY’s international hits and Gangnam-style annoying and catchy beats. Whether you like it or not, the Korean rapper’s “rider” dance moves are engraved in our memory. In addition to the ridiculous dance, this song had two pretty impressive hits. This is the first Korean number recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular YouTube video to date, reaching number one in the UK and abroad. 30 countries around the world.

Hearing PSY’s words, it’s clear that he likes Seoul Gangnam.

More specifically, its occupant. However, little is known about this region other than South Korea. So what’s really the problem? 셔츠룸 was not always a place of wealth and joy. In the 70’s it was a relatively vague place where farmers who sold their land to create a place for a new settlement lived. Fast forward 40 years and welcome to Beverly Hills in South Korea.

The brand dresses people entering Gangnam today,

And is a social celebrity with a designer handbag equal to the average monthly income in South Korea, a driver who accompanies the rich in a luxury car and shines there. I hope to be surrounded by many glittering people. There was a power outage … However, not only the inhabitants of Gangnam, but also the buildings and attractions that belong to this area play a role in increasing the decadence associated with the neighborhood. Apart from the impressive Bongu Temple worth visiting, this area is defined by skyscrapers and flashing bright lights. Those who want to see the more authentic side of Seoul should cross the river.

With a Seoul travel guide and map, you can easily find Teheran Road,

One of the most popular areas in Gangnam. Some of the most famous regional business centers, including Google, are located in this region. The area is also a shopping paradise for shoppers, with the streets from Apgujeong to Cheongsam-dong and the famous COEX Mall, Asia’s largest underground shopping mall.

Of course, unless there are many designer shops that invite leopards to Gangnam, “style” is indispensable. The streets have stunning shops and many fine cafes. Another way to drink coffee, especially expensive coffee, is that the rich will promote their wealth.

There is an elegant nightclub along the streets of Gangnam.

Famous DJs gather here to entertain young people and wealthy people while having a one-night party or actually “galloping”. Gangnam is not only an oasis of wealth, but is also promoted by annual festivals such as the Gangnam Fashion Festival. Meanwhile, attractions near the subway station and its surroundings have appeared in The Bourne Legacy, starring Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz.

Whether you’re trading PSY in the richest districts of Seoul, or trying to shake the embarrassing image of the Prime Minister trying to dance “like a horse,” the people of Gangnam certainly sit comfortably. I can. Enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying a luxury car and all the fame and glory.