Many Free Fire players think that using redemption coupons is a great substitute for attending events to get in-game bonuses. In contrast to events, Garena very sometimes offers them, and only a select few players can benefit from them.

Gamers shouldn’t stop seeking for new codes because they can earn diamonds and other in-game stuff like clothing, surfboards, cars, and gun skins as rewards. Recently, the creators distributed a code for a limited-edition BTS Dashing Illusion Pin.

Code to redeem Free Fire for 2023

Code for redemption: BTSQVQC45GEB

Dashing Illusion Pin as compensation

Instance: Singapore

Users shouldn’t pass up this opportunity even though the reward is merely a pin because it only takes a few minutes and the item is connected to the BTS collaboration.

Players from different servers cannot use the code for this pin but can visit this page to find additional redeem codes.

The process of using a Free Fire redem code┬áis simple and doesn’t take long. If players adhere to the instructions in the next section, they can smoothly redeem the code.

Step 1: Launch a web browser of your choice, enter “Rewards Redemption Site” in the search box, and navigate to the best web page. Alternatively, by clicking on this link, users will be taken to the website.

The website specifically states that players will not be able to receive their incentives using guest IDs, therefore users should make sure they are not using a guest account before visiting. If they fit this description, they must access the game’s settings and bind their account to a suitable substitute.

Step 2: Several sign-in choices will be available once you are on the page. Use them to log into your Free Fire account.

Step 3: Users can paste the BTSQVQC45GEB code after logging in. Then, immediately below the text area, they can click the confirm button.

A message box telling the users of the awards’ names will be shown soon. They can select “ok.” Let’s say players from different servers attempt to use this code. In that instance, an error will appear informing them of the server restriction.

Step 4: Within a short period of time, Garena provides the incentives to the gamers. In certain cases, this process might go on for a full day. Users can claim the Dashing Illusion Pin once the items have appeared in the inbox.

Step 5: Users can then equip them using the vault.

Players are encouraged to use the code as soon as possible because it is now functional, and doing so will help prevent future issues.