The natural beauty of gemstone necklaces might give you the boost you need if you look for ways to incorporate vivid colors into your life. Your wardrobe can be creatively enhanced by taking inspiration from the endless palette of natural gemstones. When gemstone pendants and colored stone jewelry are discovered,

many women develop an insatiable appetite for creating new outfits that warm up and energize everyday attire.

Pendants and necklaces made of colored stones have been worn for a very long time. Gemstone necklaces are still popular today,

whether it’s the gleaming ruby necklace worn by noble royalty in the Middle Ages or the colorful stone strung on a leather lanyard.

A couple of things to ponder while picking a piece of gemstone jewelry in view of its tone. There are a number of semi-precious gems with similar tones in the ruby,


and emerald necklace,

in addition to the famous and sought-after precious gems.

A sapphire necklace,

for instance,

comes in a rich cobalt shade,

It is perfect for anyone who likes colors with a lot of blue. A necklace made of sapphires can be significantly more expensive than one made of London blue topaz,

for example

despite the fact that sapphires are rarer and certainly more valuable. In a similar vein,

a sky blue topaz can be found in a larger size for a fraction of the price of a light blue aquamarine necklace.


When looking for gemstone pendants, there are a lot of factors to take into account. We encourage you to speak with one of our jewelry experts. Since 1980,

the staff at Jewelry Designs has been making jewelry with gemstone pendants. Our expertise in both design and gemology will assist you in making well-informed decisions that meet your requirements.

There are a number of choices available to those looking for a birthstone necklace that represents the month in which a loved one was born. The majority of jewelers,

for instance,

only offer the more expensive opal necklace during October;


you will learn at Jewelry Designs that the pink tourmaline is an alternative birthstone that is used to symbolize the occasion. Our staff can show you a wide range of birthstones that represent each month that is appropriate for your event and budget.

If you are looking for a rare,

one-of-a-kind item,

you will especially enjoy the gems that our knowledgeable team has to offer. We will assist you in recognizing the minute distinctions that influence the value of semi-precious and precious gems. Our staff will help you understand why the value of two stones with similar appearances can be so different. Then,

you can decide whether differences in quality,


or country of origin is important to you.

The artisans and gemologists at Jewelry Designs will help you find the gemstone necklace of a lifetime so that it can be passed down through the generations,

no matter what you want.


Gemstone jewelry has something for you that is just right,

whether you want to give your everyday outfit a fresh look or add a dramatic element to a formal look.

Try a few gemstone necklaces or a statement gemstone necklace on its own,

with a minimalist stack,

or both. A gemstone pendant is layered over simple gold chains. Gemstones will ensure that your look is entirely yours,

no matter what you do.

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and jewelry pieces!