The hat is the accessory you must have this summer. Instagram is the best showcase to discover how to wear the accessory of the season: the hat. When summer arrives, looks become dicier. Accessories play a fundamental role, and we choose to fall for garments that remind us that the holidays are approaching.
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And if bandanas are a basic accessory and bikinis are essential garments, hats become the accessory you must have. Of course, forget the classic and subtle. Now it is worn with extra-large volume and striking wings. With messages included worn on the beach or for a walk around the city. Check out the ASOS discount code nhs to order now.


6 types of hats perfect for the scorching sun

Protect yourself from the spring sun and look amazing in these women’s hats. We are in the middle of spring, and one of the clearest signs is the intense heat that exists during the day. However, it is necessary to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays since exposure to the sun is one of the main factors for premature aging. During this time, it is essential to wear a hat wherever you go, and here we will tell you which the best hats are for women that you should have in spring.
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Hats are the accessories that should not be missing in your closet, as there are endless styles that adapt to any season of the year. However, remember that its main function is to protect you from the sun’s rays to avoid health problems in the future.
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  1. Letter straw hats

Letter straw, also known as raffia, is an industrially manufactured material made from natural cellulose. Cotton hats can be worn at any time of the year. In winter, it is a material that protects the head very well, and during the summer. The cotton hat is very refreshing due to its breathable material. Cotton is a vegetable fiber that wraps the seeds of cotton plants. This fiber is then transformed into yarn, used to make fabric. In addition, it is a 100% flexible material, so it is perfect to be one of the summer folding hats. Enjoy exclusive offers on hats when you use the Boden discount code.


  1. Wide brim hat

The classic wide-brimmed hat will never go out of style, and it is the best to protect you from the sun’s rays since its width will take care of your face at all times. In addition, this type of hat looks extremely elegant, making it ideal for an event or brunch; You will certainly look spectacular. The wide-brimmed hat is perfect for protecting you from the sun. Save big with the Boden discount code.
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  1. Bucket hat

For a more youthful and casual look, the bucket hat is the hat you must have. Surely you have seen it everywhere, and it is one of the trends that we will continue to see this season since it comes with the Y2K fashion trend. That is, the 2000s inspire it. It is ideal for people who love colorful accessories. The bucket hat is the perfect hat for spring.
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  1. Handmade hat

If you want to protect yourself from the sun but look amazing, you should opt for a handmade hat: those hats with applications or fabrics that are generally handmade. These unique designs give a special touch to your look, which we are sure will be in trend this spring.
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  1. Palm hat

This year accessories made from natural materials became popular, and that is why the palm hat is positioned as one of the favorites for spring. This accessory adds a boho-chic touch to your look. However, there are also more elegant options to suit any occasion.
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  1. Foldable hats for summer

The basic function of a folding hat does not require too much explanation. It is about hats that, always carefully and preferably in the same way, can be folded to take them with you, either in a suitcase when we go on vacation or to the beach or hiking backpack bag. In any of its materials: letter straw, raffia, or cotton, the folding hat is the ideal hat for our summer vacations.
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Beyond the beach, hats are worn with summery every day wear. Pair your hat with casual clothes and your more formal looks. Discover more with the ASOS discount code.
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Hats are essential for this season, and watch out! You do not need to live on a beach to use them. This season, hats appear strongly on Instagram. Do you have yours? You must have the big hats with frayed ends and a very large brim this summer during vacations.
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What was your favorite hat? Did you get the Boden discount code?

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