Vinyl stickers can be used on a wide variety of smooth, adhesive surfaces, including boats. Many boat owners have chosen a name for their vessel long before they purchase it. You may find vinyl boat name stickers at a variety of internet retailers. Just do a quick internet search for “Stickers for social media,” and you’ll find plenty of resources to help you make your own unique version.


Vinyl letters are solid-color vinyl graphics that are laser cut one at a time. You can find them in the form of a letter, a number, a shape, or even a company’s emblem. The letters are not printed but rather cut from rolls of colorful vinyl and then applied together using transfer tape.


Removable / Non-Permanent


Removable vinyl, is a type of material that is not permanent. It comes off easily and doesn’t leave behind much of a residue. Indoor use only for this vinyl. It’s not meant to last forever, but it can withstand the elements for a while.


Permanent Vinyl


Outdoor use, mugs, plates, signage, etc. benefit from the use of. Use Permanent vinyl for anything that will be exposed to water, heat, or the elements for an extended period of time.


Vinyl Marine Super Permanent


If you’re trying to figure out which vinyl to use for your Cricut projects, this is when things start to get strange. In the marine industry, certain manufacturers use a special vinyl. The designs are used for Boat custom decals and other decals for watercraft. It’s more resistant to the environment and won’t peel or fade with time. Even if you don’t use it in your own home projects, at least you’ll know what it is and what it’s good for if you ever come across it!


Self-Adhering Vinyl


Self-adhesive vinyl can be used with floor tiles, kitchen cabinet vinyl, or a digital printing machine. You can use self-adhesive to create colorful, personalized stickers and home decor that will really stand out.


Adhesive vinyl is a thin material with an adhesive (or sticky) backing that can be easily cut with a direct or other electronic cutting tool and adhered to many different types of surfaces. Because of its adaptability, simple shapes can be cut by hand if a cutting machine is unavailable. It works equally well on flat and smooth surfaces. Surfaces like glass, wood, plastic, tile, and metal are smooth and easy to clean.