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People of Chennai are so moderate they love naughty play or BDSM play in their relationship and single people enjoy their little me time very thrilling. Women of Chennai mostly take the charge; it is a kind of their biggest turn-on. Chastity cages and anal toys are very famous in Chennai. Teasing your partner and then giving him double penetration is an amazing feeling. They also love to use sex enhancers to keep their love for a long-lasting period.

The awareness by each passing day regarded Sex Toys In Chennai, has been seen to rise as the numbers of both men and women has also raised, who are willing to buy more sex toys without feeling ashamed. Awareness and Education regarding sex toys and sex is very important. Using sex toys is not wrong, you don’t need to feel bad about yourself if you are using sex toys. The truth is sex toys not only give you great stimulation or pleasure but also bring confidence in you to love yourself and put your choices over others’ preferences.

Sex is not anymore something which our ancestors believe to hide or not to talk about, nowadays sex is a very common topic. People talk about their sex life very comfortably. Can you believe that the first-ever sex toy was discovered around 2.6 million years ago? If you want to learn more about sex toy history watch the movie “Hysteria”. People used to believe that around 1300ish, stone-made first double-sided dildo was used. And now we have come so far, from these stoned dildos to silicone-made dildos and vibrators. So don’t believe what our ancestors used to say, just go and buy yourself a sex toy without worrying about anyone.

Sex toys are all about some exciting delicious exotic and new ways of self-pleasure. It can be amazing to mix up your, self-pleasuring routine to your normal boring routine so that your body does not get habituated to the same thing over and over again. If you offer yourself flexibility in the way you touch yourself, it will make you more flexible with your partner and during sex as well which is valuable for your relationship and also for yourself to be more orgasmic and available for more pleasure. It is also just kind of exciting to try new things with your body or with your partner. One little thing, sometimes when you try new things or mix things up, it does not feel as good as it is supposed to be at first, but over time when you develop your spots or your preferences, it is going to feel amazing. So don’t get disappointed at starting to do some experiments with yourself.

Masturbation is a process of self-love. People are fully aware of this act and heard this word very often. It is the simple process of rubbing and touching or stimulating your genitals all by yourself. This is the basic idea of masturbating, but after the huge marketing of sex toys, lots of people started using sex toys while masturbating. It adds extra fun and pleasure to your masturbation, sex toys touch your G-spot areas and give you great stimulation. Masturbation is all about exploring your body and finding your spots or preferences. Masturbation is so much fun just imagine when you add a toy in masturbating time, it will automatically going to create a whole different zone and with 100% orgasm. There are so many benefits of masturbation.

  • When you explore your body and preferences, it will build up your confidence which is good for your mental health. Masturbation benefits your mental health.
  • We all know when we masturbate or do some other sexual activities and achieve a great orgasm, it will automatically lead to the release of happy hormones. For eg: endorphins or oxytocin etc. It will automatically boost your mood and you will be all happy.
  • Whenever you are orgasming, stress hormones are released and happy hormones are getting activated. It helps to release your stress and anxiety. So whenever you are feeling stressed and anxious, a little solo play will always work like an anti-anxiety pill (a healthy one).
  • It helps you to boost your self-esteem and also helps you to concentrate or focus. It also makes you physically mentally relaxed.

Masturbating is not only a single process but it is very common in couples too. This is called mutual masturbation. Doing experiments in relationships never goes wrong. So keep experimenting in your sex life with various varieties of sex toys available at Cupidbaba’s website.