Alexa won’t play Spotify for no apparent reason? What is the fix for Alexa Not Connecting to Amazon Music


If you are also looking to figure them out, then you are in the right place We will help you explore the answers. 


Causes Behind: Alexa Won’t Play Spotify


A poor internet connection is often responsible for the issue. In addition, some other factors that may cause the problem are:


  • Logged-out status
  • An inactive subscription
  • Unavailable songs
  • Corrupted App Cache


Fixes For Alexa Won’t Play Spotify

  • Internet Connection Optimization:


Due to poor internet connectivity, Alexa may not play music. Therefore, try to have an improved internet speed. 


Follow these tips to speed up your internet:


  • Start your modem or router again.
  • In addition, remove all unnecessary devices from your Wi-Fi network. 
  • Make sure you place your devices at an appropriate height.
  • Next, be sure your devices are not in contact with metals, walls, ovens, or other interferences.

  • Login Status Check:


You can get Alexa to stop playing Spotify if you are logged out. It is therefore, necessary for you to verify your login status.


If you are active in the Spotify app, try re-linking your account to Alexa. You can find a Music And Podcast option in the Settings menu of the Alexa app. 


Under this tab, click on the option to re-link Spotify. 

  • Active Subscription Status Check:


Sign-in to your Amazon account and click on the Account & Lists menu.

Under the Membership & subscription Section, check the membership status. 


Furthermore, it is not the cause of the issue if you are currently active. Otherwise, activate your status and see if Alexa Setup plays music once again.

  • Power Cycle Echo:


Rebooting the Echo can help to resolve the issue. 


  • Disconnect your Echo devices from the power source completely. Next, connect your device to the power source after a few minutes. Then, turn your Echo on and see if Alexa now plays music.


Delete App Cache:


In some cases, Amazon music won’t play due to a minor bug or a corrupted cache in the application. Therefore, clearing the app data may resolve the issue. 


  • Go to Settings on your phone. Then, in the App settings, search for Spotify. 


  • Afterward, select it and go to Storage Options. Then, relaunch the app and see if it resolves the “Alexa will not play Spotify” issue.


Set Alexa Back To Default


When none of the above methods works to fix the “Alexa won’t play Spotify music” issue, you might consider resetting your Alexa. 


The Alexa device will reset to the default configuration, but it could help you resolve the issue.


  • Hold down the Volume and Microphone buttons for about 30 seconds for a quick reset. Your Echo Dot should then have an orange ring around it.
  •  Once the device is reset, you can use the Spotify app to reconfigure it.