With the festive season on the doorstep, makeup artists and makeup lovers are looking for new makeup trends to experiment with. Read further to know a few eyeshadow trends you can follow this festive season. 

With the pandemic almost over, more and more people are getting back to their normal lives with revitalized energy. People are attending parties and events in full swing, thereby giving a boost to their social lives. Almost every makeup enthusiast is trying out different makeup looks for their approaching parties and events. Speaking of makeup looks, it is important to note that a beautiful eye look can contribute to the entire makeup look to a huge extent. This is why we have come up with 4 eyeshadow trends to follow this festive season. Keep reading to know them. 

4 eyeshadow trends to follow this festive season  

  1. Experiment with multiple colors: This is one of the most highly trending eye makeup looks this festive season. You can mix different eye shadow colors if you want a vibrant eye look. You can start by priming your eyes with an eyeshadow primer. This will create a neutral base on your eyelids, which, in turn, will keep your eye makeup intact, without letting it smudge. Now you can choose the best shimmer eyeshadow palette from a renowned makeup brand. Make sure that you choose an eyeshadow palette that has bright and vibrant colors. You can mix two or more shades to get a multicolor eye look. 
  1. The “no-makeup” eye look: Lately, the no-makeup makeup look has been trending among makeup fanatics all over the world. This makeup look is completely subtle and natural, and it aims to give a soft glow to the skin. All you need to do is keep your cheeks slightly tinted so they look naturally flushed. Also, for the no-makeup makeup look, you must opt for neutral shades of lip colors. Now, since we are discussing eyeshadow trends, let’s focus on the eyes. For a no-makeup eye look, you can skip the eyeshadow part and apply good mascara instead, to add volume to your lashes. However, if you still want to apply eyeshadow, you can do so by choosing a neutral shade.  
  1. The shimmery eye look: This is yet another eyeshadow trend that has taken center stage in the world of makeup. Metallic eyeshadows are back in business, thereby helping you create a shimmery eye look. For this look, you can give a shimmer-like effect to your eyes with a metallic eyeshadow. You can also add stick-on glitter particles such as stick-on stars to dramatize the entire eye look. You can buy a shimmer eyeshadow palette online to achieve this shimmery eye look. 
  1. Opt for graphic eyeliners: Graphic eyeliners are the next big thing in the makeup business and are highly sought-after by makeup professionals across the world. Vibrant and electrifying colors like electric blue, bright green, striking pink, and other neon colors can give your eyes an edgy and exciting look. You can use any graphic eyeliner of your choice to create this look.  


The above-mentioned eyeshadow trends can instantly transform the appearance of your eyes, thereby helping you look bold and glamorous at parties. You can invest in a shimmer eyeshadow palette that has a mix of different matte and shimmer shades. However, before investing in any eyeshadow palette, make sure that you check the shimmer eyeshadow palette price. Also, don’t forget to do your research on the best eyeshadow palettes available. 

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