As a parent, you work hard to ensure that your kids have everything they need. This makes it a problem to select the right gift for them. They have everything they need, what more could you add? Should you just let special days like birthdays and Christmas pass by without gifting because of this? No, you need to think and come up with perfect gift ideas. No matter how old your daughter is, a special gift from mom or dad will warm their hearts. But what should you get? Here are a few ideas.

Music Lessons

Your daughter may have many skills but surely there is a musical instrument she does not know how to play. Observe if she shows interest in a particular musical instrument and gifts her with classes that help them learn how to play the instrument. If she loves to sing, get her a voice coach. Music is food for the soul and encouraging a child to learn how to do it will help them learn how to express themselves better. This is a life skill that they can use throughout their lives. Music lessons are some of the best gifts a parent could ever give to a child.


An adage states that a girl can never have enough pearls. The jewelry pieces in your daughter’s box are dazzling but the one you give her will hold a special place in her heart. It will remind her of your love every time she wears it. Select a piece of jewelry that reflects who she is among other jewelry buying considerations. This is true, especially when gifting the teenage daughter. Buying a bungle or necklace that is not in fashion may cause her to never wear it. Talk to the jeweler you buy from and get some recommendations. To make the gift extra special, match it with your own. For instance, matching or complementary pendants are perfect mother-daughter gifts.

Travel Together

The best gift a parent can give a child is their presence, not just at home but away as well. Plan a trip to a place where she has never been and she will enjoy it. Avoid going to common vacation locations in town, especially when celebrating big events. Go to faraway places and enjoy exploring together. While there, buy souvenirs and take lots of pictures that will serve as memoirs.

Personalized Gifts

You can personalize anything from a flower vase to a water bottle. Even clothes and shoes can be personalized. Get your daughter a personalized gift that has their name or special message on it. Some suitable personalized gifts for adult daughters include wood lap desks, bathrobes, jewelry boxes, and pendants to name but a few. The main advantage of giving personalized gifts is that they are suitable for all occasions and they hold a sentimental attachment.

Lift a Restriction

Bringing up a daughter is not easy and a parent has to be strict. You may have curfew hours set, rules that allow peace to reign in the house, and capitation on allowances among other measures. As your daughter gets older, the best gift would be to lift a restriction or two. For instance, if the latest you allowed her to get home was 8, move it to 10. She will love the extra freedom and she will learn how to be responsible. You could also add a privilege such as letting her drive your car when you are not using it and so on.

The Latest Toys

Young daughters love playing with toys and dolls. Even if they already have many of those, an addition of the latest one will be appreciated. Ensure that what you buy is unique and not in any way similar to the toys they already have at home. If there is an animation film your daughter is currently obsessed with, get them branded toys.

Bottom Line

Buying a gift for a daughter who seems to have everything is not easy. The above ideas will help you get through this process. Remember that gifting is all about the one receiving the gift. Think of what makes them happy before choosing the gift to give them. Above all, the love of a parent is the biggest gift he or she can give to a child. Present any gift item you choose with love and kind words reminding your girl how special they are to you.