Document authentication by Global Affairs Canada is a free service that can be used by anyone to process their documents on their own. When considering sending documents directly to Global Affairs Canada, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. In the real world, one might want to think about hiring a process server or third-party authentication legalization service to help with this process.

What is required if one wishes to send documents directly to Global Affairs Canada?

Global Affairs Authentication: In most cases, one can send their documents directly to the authentication section of Global Affairs Canada by courier or mail. A Request for Authentication Service form must be included if one wishes to send their Canadian documents directly to Global Affairs Canada.

Unfortunately, once Global Affairs Canada receives your documents, there is no reliable way to check on their status. Global Affairs Canada typically authenticates the documents within fifteen business days. This additionally doesn’t require some investment expected to guide the records back to you.

The documents will be returned to you if they are not suitable for authentication due to improper preparation or incompleteness. Depending on the circumstances, delays and additional costs can result from und authenticated documents.

What are the primary advantages of using a third-party authentication and legalization service to help with document processing?

The primary advantage of holding a validation sanctioning help or cycle server is their ability and information about what can and can’t be confirmed at Worldwide Undertakings Canada. If the original documents can be authenticated or notarized, a reputable authentication and legalization service will be able to tell you. Because it will assist in reducing processing delays, this specialized knowledge is crucial.

The additional advantage is time savings. The typical processing time for documents sent by courier directly to Global Affairs Canada’s authentication department is fifteen business days. At Global Affairs, a personal authentication legalization service or process server will make arrangements to have the documents processed while you wait. Consequently, documents can be authenticated within a day.

How can Glscanada assist me with document authentication for Global Affairs Canada?
We at Glscanada are experts in the authentication and legalization of foreign-use Canadian documents. Your documents will be made easier with the help of our knowledge base. We will make certain that your authentication documents are acceptable.

Additionally, our office offers a variety of processing options based on the urgency with which your documents must be processed. We take a very distinctive approach to document processing when considering our fees. The completion time method is employed in our office.

The total amount of time required to complete the authentication with Global Affairs Canada and the legalization at an Embassy or Consular Office is taken into account in this approach, which is very customer-focused.

We will inform our customers of the anticipated amount of time required to complete their documents as a result of this original approach. Our strategy results in savings for our customers. We also provide regular updates on the status of your documents while they are being processed.

Feel free to contact us via email: if you have any questions. email us at or call us at:1-877-595-1276.