• Maintaining compliance with changing market and regulatory demands necessitates food product certification. To meet the food labelling requirements, FRL provides various food product certifications, monitoring, and auditing services.
  • We provide specialist regulatory advice and analytical and chemical tests to assist you in meeting global food touch regulatory enforcement criteria and ensuring the proper use of your goods.
  • We include information on food safety services, industrial procedures, production networks, and import/export operations.

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Who we are:

Food Research Lab is a Global Contract R&D Food, Beverages & Nutraceutical Lab providing solutions to Food, Beverages and Nutraceuticals (F,B&N) industries worldwide. 

Contact us:

Website: https://www.foodresearchlab.com/

Whats app: UK- +44- 161 818 4656, INDIA- +91 9566299022

Email: info@foodresearchlab.com