Gmail app keep crashing is normal and it isn’t something that you want to think about a major issue and not tackle those issues. Well, you can read the strategies that are given beneath and fix them without help from anyone else.

Try Shutting the App

In the first place, we will take a gander at why the application is shutting or crashing? This doesn’t actually allow users to open that application. Follow all the on-screen instruction or steps and see, if it doesn’t work attempt the next step.

Clear Some Storage Space

The initial step you should do promptly when you face such an error is simply clear your storage. For that first, go to your phone’s settings, tap on the applications and notices, and afterward click on the applications. So among those applications, tap the application which is giving you inconvenience. For example, if you say that your Gmail keep stopping, click on your Gmail application. Tap on its storage and clear the storage lastly click ok.

Check for Updates

Now, try to update your gadget’s product. Go to settings and in the search bar type software update or system update (note that this varies as per your gadget model). Check to any updates are accessible.

Update that particular application in your store. Whether you are not updating the most recent form, your application might crash. So go to the play store and in the hunt bar type the application that is crashing and check whether any update is accessible. If you see any updates, click on the update.

Re-install the App

Try to uninstalling the application and afterward reinstalling it. It can likewise help your application quit crashing.

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