On-Demand Mobile Applications are stealing the market like never before in this ever-changing environment. With the seeming speed of adaption, having a mobile app is now commonplace.

Daily necessary services are, without a doubt, our most basic demands, hence the trend for daily need services is here to stay. Many businesses who are moving into the On-Demand Industry will build their version of the Gojek Clone App.

This article is about the most recent Gojek Clone App which was introduced in 2022 with the most alluring feature that is never to find at any. So, let’s get this started.

Gojek clone script

What Made Gojek Clone App Stay Relevant During Pandemic?

The secret of the successful figures of the Gojek Clone App regardless of the pandemic is credited to the crucial strategies that have been adopted by the app owner to stay relevant in challenging times. 

Gojek Clone launched COVID19 Safety Features that included Face mask verification, Safety checklists, Safety ratings, Contact-less deliveries, Safety badges, Uploading kitchen pictures, Posting videos, etc. Thus, it assured the customers that their orders are packed safely and delivered. In the case of Taxi bookings like Uber, it ensures the driver and the user’s safety by keeping the “Social Distancing” norm in place.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. More features are well-crafted aimed to enhance the app performance, bring visibility to the on-demand business and maximize profits.

Novel Features Of Successful Gojek Clone App

You must incorporate distinctive and appealing features if you want to create an On-Demand Mutliserivces App that stands out. However, there are some specific elements that you must add to the Super App to ensure that it meets market criteria. Let’s take a closer look at those most “Happening Features”:

Login using Face Id and Fingerprint

As new login choices for the Apps, ace ID for iPhone Apps and Fingerprint for Android Apps have been added. Users do not have to remember passwords or usernames while using this method of login. Also, while login in using a contact number the OTP is generated through which quick login can be done.

Service Bid Feature

Let’s understand this feature with an example. 

Mark is a busy professional who barely has time to handle his household responsibilities. He has a few things on his to-do list, including fixing the faucet, replacing a fuse, and putting a new plumbing system in the house. He doesn’t have time to hunt for a reliable handyman service. So he installs the KingX2022 – Gojek Clone App and uses the Service Bid Feature to post his request. The post will include all pertinent information, such as the location, budget, date, and time. The service providers in the nearby vicinity will match Mark’s requirements by notifying him.

Thus, Mark will be choosing the best from the list based on their Work history, Ratings/feedback, and Pricing.

Online Video Consultation 

This is another prominent feature, integrated keeping in mind the “Social Distancing”. The feature allows the users to book their online video session with their desired service provider without stepping out. They can get the resolution, be it is a doctor’s consultation, fitness instructor, tutors, astrology, or more. Now it is easy to get the query resolved in a few taps by connecting it with the verified service providers offering online video consultation through Gojek Clone App 2022.

Back To Back Trip Feature

We are constantly trying to optimize the app by offering the newest features. Our app product features have been designed to provide the best user experience to the users.

It is a feature integrated into Uber-like Taxi Booking services. It allows the driver to accept future trips while on a current one. This way, he/she will spend more of your time online making money rather than waiting for your next trip.

Multiple Card Management

All your credit cards are in one place. Gojek Clone App makes managing multiple credit cards simple. You can add and save multiple credit cards and use them accordingly. 

Apart from these, there are more Novel Features like Facebook Ads Integration, Facebook Pixel Support, Driver Reward Feature, Video Call Option, Google Ads Integration, etc. 

In Conclusion

While many company concepts fail due to insufficient research and planning, the year 2021 is opportune for developing an app like Gojek. 

Detailed data ranging from crucial figures to how the app is managed throughout pandemic periods helps in providing rapid insights into the company’s success. 

A quick look at the potential of New Features integrated in Gojek Clone 2022, will help you get started constructing the best On-Demand Multiservices App similar to Gojek. 

After reviewing our blogs, when do you intend to begin developing your Gojek Clone App? For all your mobile app needs, contact us, a leading app development company.