Apps like Gojek have already pressed their significance. In the era of Instant Delivery of everything, this App is one pre-eminent Platform that fulfills almost all of the daily needs of App Users. Here are some common Services that they might use every day!



  1. Taxi Booking Services: Booking a Taxi Ride just got simpler with this App. The App User only needs to select the Taxi Option, Add Pick-Up Location and Destination. The Users can also pay for the Ride using their Credit Card or the In-App Wallet.
  2. Grocery Delivery Services: If you want to Order Groceries, simply Go on the App, select a nearby Store or Supermarket, and Add to Cart all the Items you need. App Users can choose to opt for a Contactless Delivery where the Delivery Driver will leave the Package at their Door. The Delivery Driver will update the App User about the Drop-Off and upload a picture of the Package on the App itself as Proof! 
  3. Car Wash: Car Wash is one of the Essential Services that the App User may need sometimes. So, whenever the User feels like they need to give a Deep Cleaning and Detailing to their new Hatchback – 2021 Volkswagen Golf, then book a Car Wash Service directly on the App! 
  4. On-Demand Beauticians: To get a Beautician On-Demand from the App, the User only needs to Go to the Beauty Services. From an elongated list, select the Category you need and look for the Beautician that fits your Needs and Requirements the best! You can Schedule the Services for a Later Date and Time as well depending on your Preference! 
  5. Medicine Delivery: Medicine Delivery is yet another Essential Service that most of the App Users prefer, especially ones who are still Fear-Stricken of this Deadly Air-Borne Virus! To Order the Prescribed Medicine, search its Name in the ‘Search Bar’ on the top of the Screen or simply look for a Medical Store and Add it to the Cart. Prepay the Order to avoid the exchange of Currency Notes as they are one evident carrier of the Virus because they can live on the surface for hours!

There are some amazing Features to exponent these 70+ On-Demand Services. The Features are specified for everyone on Gojek like App, from the App Users to Services Providers and the Gojek Clone App Owner. 

Features for App Users 

  • App Users can get a Graphical Status of their Rides and other Orders via In-App Push Notification. These Notifications Pop Up with Interactive Graphical Illustrations that notify the Users about the Current Status of the Rider/Order. 
  • The Rider provides an OTP to the Taxi Driver to Start the Ride. After the Taxi/Moto Diver accepts the Ride Request, Users get a 4-Digit Numeric Code on their Registered Phone Number/Email. Once the Taxi Driver reaches their Pickup Location, they will ask for this OTP to start the Trip. And only when the Rider provides the OTP, the Taxi Driver can begin the Trip! This adds an Extra Layer of Security! 
  • The App Users can quickly Search for specific Services or Service Providers. Thus, now they can say Goodbye to scrolling and find Services by simply typing in and searching for Relevant Keywords!  

Features for Service Providers

  • Stores can now easily add separate Time Slots for every day of the Week. This lets the Users see the Opening and Closing Times or Slots of the Store. And thus, upon their Preference and the available Time Slots, they can Place an Order on the Store! The App Users can check the Store’s Open Hours by clicking on the Info Icon. 
  • One Store/Service Provider can Register itself under Several Categories. For Example, a Grocery Store can also Register itself as an Ice-Cream Store, Wine-Alcohol Delivery, Raw-Meat Delivery, etc.! 

To our Surprise, these are just a handful of Services and Features of an App like Gojek


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