Currently, applications are vital in our particularly technological world. Consequently, there are uninterruptedly emerging literally thousands of firms that provide web and mobile design services. In this article, some of the utmost web and mobile design providers in the US will be introduced.

December Labs is a great app and web design provider. At the company they are certain that new mobile devices are constantly used nowadays. That’s why they develop applications for Android, iPad, iPhone and other devices. They also develop adapted web applications, thus offering comprehensive support and solutions to any project that their clients may present to them. With these services, they develop your image and content in pre-designs for corporate apps and websites with many features and a very professional image.

Design and Mobile Application

Whenever possible, they use pre-designed designs and customize them with your corporate image and services. They develop all kinds of mobile applications for companies and they are open to new and different projects. They make all kind of native applications that can run on any operating system. In addition, they adapt native apps to all the resolutions and screen sizes of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. By being native and adaptable to all screens, it doesn’t matter which device you’re running from because the app design is just as effective.

Another company with similar services is Zco Corporation. The company develops and implements web and apps for businesses. Its mission is to increase its customers’ sales through adequate business software. At the company, they are experts in the development of customized web and mobile applications to rigorously cover the specific needs of several kinds of companies. They perfectly understand that each company is unique and has its specific needs and requirements. That is why they develop personalized web and mobile apps, which are flexibility and versatile. Thanks to their web and mobile app development services, they are able to offer solutions to all kinds of businesses and projects. They are able to bring into life any kind of idea you may have, no matter how ambitious it is.

3 SIDED CUBE offers similar services. The company has several experts in the field of software and computer systems. It specializes in the development and implementation of software solutions for all kinds of businesses. Its main goal is to give the best service and offer the highest quality in its products in order to best satisfy its customers. That is why it relies on four pillars: knowledge, experience, technologically advanced products and a quality after-sales service.

At the company they consider customer service a basic factor. That is why they put at your disposal a complete after-sales service section, from where you can access an online help service platform, with manuals and instructions. With web and mobile apps, your business can optimize resources and reach this ever-growing web and mobile user market. With the right apps, your team will be more productive and your customers more satisfied.

The company develops apps for both a specific operating system or for multiple systems, and also to be marketed through an App Store. It knows the different technologies and helps you decide which platform suits you according to what you want to invest and the audience you want to reach, etc. Also, they develop applications to improve the productivity of your team (Business Management Apps) or to improve your external communication and the promotion of your business (Corporate Apps). You can manage the mobility of your sales force or provide your customers with an online booking system from their mobile, for example. And many more things.

They also integrate their apps with ERP type business management systems (SAP Business One, Navision, etc.), CRM, etc. so that your business optimizes its internal processes, avoiding duplication of data and tasks.

The company develops apps for iPhone and iPad (one of the most used tablets with over 500 million units sold worldwide since its launch) and for Android (the world’s leading platform with more than 1 billion devices worldwide, with a market share of over 70%). They also design applications for the Windows 8-10 platform, the third largest market share and which has been growing very rapidly in number of users.