When life feels challenging just hit the fan and you’re ready to turn your luck around, look no further than green aventurine.  Known as a stone for affluence, success, richness, and good luck, carrying a piece of green aventurine stone price in your pocket, wallet, or on your table will flow good prosperity to you.  The most common form of aventurine is green, which ranges from pale to dark green, and when refined, it can be easily confused with green jade.  Aventurine can be found unsurprisingly in various colors, such as red, blue, yellow, orange, and silver.  The various colors have many theoretical similarities.

This beautiful crystal derives a loving, calm energy, that brings harmony and emotional balance to those that have a difficult time handling anxiety, anger, and trauma, by discharging old attachments, and outlines of behavior in order to move forward with joy, confidence, optimism, eagerness, creativity, and embrace a positive outlook on the world.  Green aventurine stone price crystal works to release these spirited patterns in the etheric, mental, and emotive bodies of the biofield (the layers of the aura).

It is said that green aventurine can help you move forward with confidence, especially working through bad situations, on this roller coaster ride we call life!  It encourages us to move headlong, embrace change, and be in the present moment. Using this crystal will help you see things from a new standpoint -the ‘bright side,’ even when things feel out of control and unfavorable.  Many who use green aventurine will contemplate and use it to manifest before starting a new project, asking for a raise at work, going on an audition, and finding solutions to working with difficult people- particularly family & friends.

On a physical level, green aventurine stone is believed to ease situations relating to the circulatory reproductive, and nervous systems. It helps the heart, lungs, and thymus, encouraging fertility, and healing those recuperating from surgery.  It is believed that green aventurine can bring therapeutic to various skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Any time you need extra luck on your side, try meditating with green aventurine in one hand, and clear quartz in another to strengthen the intention you would like to manifest.

Green aventurine works exceptionally well with quartz crystals.  So, the next time you say your declarations out loud, place a piece of clear quartz in one hand and green aventurine in the other while you narrate them.  Other uses for green aventurine stone include placing a piece next to your cell phone or your laptop, which can help cut back on EMF experience and other pollution from the adjacent environment.  You may even decide to slip one in your slipcover or place it next to your bed while you sleep at night.  After all, we spend half our lives in bed, so why not get the reimbursements for sleeping next to the beneficial energy of the crystal? Zodiac signs that are related to amber include Capricorn and Pisces.