We are providing flexible and detailed marketing plans and strategies so that we can propel your business to new heights and generate organic sales. With our award-winning digital marketing services in NJ and our portfolio of 70+ projects, you can rely on us to bring your business to its maximum potential.


There is data that shows that if you run a business and don’t have any plans related to your business website’s SEO, then you are going to be left behind in the digital world. That’s where jumps in and is ready to take the lead. We understand that you may not have the technical knowledge regarding SEO and that’s where our expert team of Project Management comes into play. Our team of project managers will be dedicated to your project and they will be ready to provide you the customer support and understanding of the SEO throughout the SEO process.

Once you collaborate with us, you will get a dedicated team of SEO, social media marketing, website development, and content writing who will be working towards achieving your desired goals. Our SEO specialists will do a detailed audit of your website and lay out a custom strategy to be executed. Then they will do thorough keywords research to make sure that we are targeting the right audience resulting in an influx of organic traffic which will then convert into organic sales. We also have an Off-Page department that will check your backlinks profile, and make sure to optimize your backlinks to increase your rankings on search engines. After that, the crucial role of our content writing department comes into play. Every website needs meaningful and relevant content. Google loves to rank those websites that update their content on regular basis. We got it all in our arsenal and our expert writing department will write SEO-friendly content which will be relevant to your business and according to your specific requirements.

Let’s just face it, you want your business to grow, and that’s what your every competitor out there wants too. So in order to survive and win in the never-ending competition, you will need all the help and guidance, and that’s where we jump in. Let us handle the technical side for you, and we can assure you that if you decide to work with us, you will see a direct boost in your organic traffic, the organic sales and you will be outranking your competitors in no time.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We analyze and audit your competitors and create a result focus strategy based on that. Our competitor analysis will help you and us to understand and formulate the perfect SEO campaign for your website.

  • Keyword Research & Strategy

    Digiis an SEO company that understands your business niche and knows what keywords will most benefit you towards achieving your desired goals. We provide a thematic keyword research relevant to your services and products to get the most relevant organic traffic .

  • Link Building

    Backlinks are a very important factor in ranking your website higher in search engines. With that being said, you need a proper strategy for the backlinks and that’s where Digicomes into play. We have a dedicated link-building team who can make your backlink profile top-notch.

  • Technical SEO

    Optimizing your website on the technical side, like improving the website load time and fixing development issues, will improve your page user experience. If the users on your website are happy, then you are assured that your rankings will make you happy.

  • Local SEO

    If you run a local business and want to grow your online presence and uplift your local following then we highly suggest you take our Google My Business Optimization service. Once we optimize your GMB profile then your local SEO rankings will sky-rocket like never before.

  • On-Page SEO

    We at Digi prioritize boosting your online visibility and organic traffic through strategic on page SEO. We know what your business needs to grow, and our strategies are aligned with that. To increase your online presence, we write high-quality content, optimize your meta tags and headings structure, boost your website’s speed.

  • Off-Page SEO

    To boost your SEO rankings and traffic, we utilize our off-page strategies to make sure that your website has got high-quality active links from other websites. Off-page is a crucial element to increasing your online exposure, and we have our expertise in off-page SEO.

  • Franchise SEO

    Take the first step to increasing your leads and sales for your brand with Digi franchise marketing services. For your multiple location business, our team will write multiple locations based content to improve your visibility on the search engine. We also leverage local SEO tactics to further enhance your franchise presence.

  • Shopify SEO

    Enhance your online store’s presence on Google with Digi Shopify SEO services. The competition is everywhere and if you are looking to beat them and want to be on top, you have come to the right place. Digi does complete SEO for Shopify stores, develop Shopify websites and run the paid advertisement.

  • eCommerce SEO

    It is very crucial to increase your eCommerce store’s online presence on search engine result pages (SERPs). We understand your marketing needs and your competition. We launch targeted ad campaigns, write good quality product-based content and optimize your website for mobiles to generate more sales.

  • Content Writing

    We at Digi have a dedicated content writing department that produces rich SEO-friendly and meaningful content for your website. Whether it is pre-existing content that needs to be optimized or blog writing, our expert content writing department can cater to all requirements and do it all.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Our conversion rate optimization specialist uses Search engine Optimization services to check and optimize the web pages of your website and your landing pages. This is crucial for increasing the conversion rate of your web content and makes it easy for the customers to contact you and make an inquiry.



Search Engine Optimization, generally known as SEO, is the process of ranking your website on the first page of a search engine through keywords (SERP). SEO is done through various techniques and methods working on the backend of your website. Imagine having an online store and you don’t know how to market it. You need to target customers who can purchase from your brand. Google doesn’t know who you are and your target audience probably doesn’t know that your brand exists. Regardless of how good your service is or how top-quality your products are, if you don’t know how to get your website on top of the search engine results page on specific targeted keywords, then your business will never peak.

The good news? You don’t have to concern yourself with all the technical aspects of ranking yourself on the top. At Digi, we are well equipped with all the tools and expertise to make sure that your business grows so that you start getting a full return on your investment.

Our technical expertise includes formulating a custom strategy for the SEO, doing the competitor analysis, researching the keywords that are relevant to your business niche, and then executing on the formulated strategy. In SEO, content plays a big role and that’s why we have a dedicated team of content writing who make sure the content on your website is information-rich and SEO-friendly. Our website development team optimizes and increases your website’s speed and makes sure that your website’s performance is optimal on both desktop and mobile versions.

With that being said, SEO is a game-changer for your business and all you have to do is leave the technical aspects to us and see your business grow to new heights of organic traffic and leads.

  • Technical Keyword Research

    We will do detailed keyword research which will be relevant to the particular business niche that will give you leads and organic traffic.

  • Industry Analysis

    We will do a complete analysis of the specific industry you are working in so that we can formulate a custom SEO strategy for your website.

  • Existing Content Optimization

    We will check the existing content on your website for plagiarism and do a complete audit. We will optimize the existing content and make it SEO-friendly.

  • Technical Optimization

    Optimizing your website speed and making your website easily crawlable and understandable for search engines is our top priority. Our SEO team is an expert in technical optimization to bring your rankings to the top of Google.

  • Off-Page Optimization

    We will optimize your backlinks profile by checking your existing backlinks and your competitor’s backlinks to plan out a custom off-page strategy that will boost your rankings.

  • Evolving The Strategy

    We at Digi are always up to date with new trends of Google and Google updates. We are constantly evolving our strategy and our ways so that your business can reach its maximum potential.



We’ve created a roadmap for working with companies in a way that effectively executes a solid content marketing strategy.

The search engines and the market trends are ever-evolving. To be on the top of the search engine in your specific industry, you need a process and a method that can help you achieve your goals of ranking higher and getting sales. Only a reliable SEO company can help you increase your online presence on search engines.

Digi has it in its name, “SEO”, meaning we are heavily focused on search engine optimization and we provide the best solution to your every problem related to ranking higher, increasing organic traffic, and getting leads. We use a method called “Flexible SEO”, which allows us to lay out an SEO campaign that is tailored to your brand needs and provides utmost value to your business in the long run.

Digi Flexible SEO method is built on some specific steps which ensure that the structure of the SEO campaign is laid strong. The steps are as follows:

  • Rectangle-Copy-18


    Once you have signed up with Digi SEO services, we will spend some time doing the complete research of your business niche and understanding your goals. During this phase, we will hold a kick-start meeting with all your project stakeholders and determine what will be the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your project. After doing this, we will have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and our strategy can then be tailored accordingly.

  • Rectangle-Copy-17


    Once we reach the second phase, we begin to analyze your website’s previous history of the overall traffic, organic keywords, and backlinks. We collect relevant data from the competitor’s backlinks and the keywords that they are ranking on so that we can understand their strategy. We utilize the premium SEO tools, Google Analytics and Webmaster to analyze and formulate a custom approach towards your SEO that can bring you long-lasting results.

  • Rectangle


    Once we have identified where you are lacking behind in marketing your business, we will lay out a custom SEO marketing plan (SMP) after working closely with you. The strategy will be tailored to improve your rankings which will, in turn, bring you organic leads. In the first 30-60 days, our SEO specialists will work on the most critical on-page factors first to ensure that a good base for our SEO campaign is setup properly.

  • Group-9


    When we reach this phase, we start executing on the SMP (SEO Marketing Plan) laid out in the previous phase. We start optimizing your website’s on-page by correcting the site structure of your website, optimizing the existing web content by infusing the targeted keywords into the content, setting up meta tags. We also leverage Social Media Marketing and do community marketing on different platforms to enhance your online presence on search engines.

  • Group-9


    When you start working with Digi, the first thing we do is completely set up the tracking system on your website by integrating Google Analytics and Google Search console. By doing that we can analyze the results of our online SEO campaign like organic traffic, click-through rate, and the number of leads. We implement events tracking, goal tracking, and Enhanced E-commerce tracking to find out how many inquiries you are getting and from which source you are getting the leads.

  • Group-9


    At the end of every month, our SEO specialists will collaborate with our Project Managers to design a comprehensive monthly report which provides an overview of all the KPIs (key performance indicators) like organic traffic, keywords ranking, and inquiries that we have achieved with our online SEO campaign. Not just that, our Project Managers will be there for providing customer support and will remain in touch with you every month to keep you updated on the progress.


Imagine this, you are a business owner who wants to sell your products or services to your target audience but you don’t know how to reach the customers. You made a website that showcases your services and products but there is not a single user on your website. The great news is that you don’t have to reach the customers all by yourself. All you have to do is find a reliable SEO strategy that will put you on top of a Search Engine for specific keywords and let your customers find you by contacting you on your website.

Think of SEO like an employee who is constantly working day and night for you to bring you more leads and keep your phone ringing. SEO will put your website on the first page of a search engine and get the customers to send you inquiries which you can then convert into your high-paying clients.

And like every employee, you can control SEO. There are many things a business owner does not have control over like you cannot control when a new competitor arrives, you don’t have control over the exact amount of profit margin you want to get. But with SEO, you do have some control over your rankings, appearing on the first page and making sure that relevant organic traffic is coming to your website which will then convert into more sales. If you decide to invest in SEO, your direct investment is going to bring you on the first page of Google, your organic traffic will be increased and your brand awareness will be boosted.

Digi over the past years has evolved its SEO strategy to make sure that we can bring your website to the top of the search engine in a committed time frame. You can even view our case studies and see the results we got for our clients. We believe in what we are doing as an SEO company and we want to achieve the same for your business and give you exponential growth in your revenue and traffic.


Digi has helped a lot of businesses of different niches to grow exponentially and get sales. Two vital things that are very important to us, building relationships and giving the results. We believe in providing the utmost value to you by staying on our commitment and making sure that we achieve the results that you expect from us.

Still not convinced that we are the right company for you? Feel free to check our SEO packages or contact us directly. We’d be happy to answer all the questions you may have about our SEO services in New Jersey.


how does seo work?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method for getting a website more traffic through organic search queries. When you hire professional SEO services in New Jersey, your organic presence is bound to increase by exponentially bringing traffic and leads to your website. SEO is used to assist users on the internet to find the best result according to their searches. By analyzing the intent behind the searches by the users and processing their language and their region, search engines rank websites that they believe provide the best value to the user. Search engine optimization services enable you to optimize your website for the Google crawler to perfectly understand your website on the SERPs. Google collects a vast amount of data from web pages and websites and through indexing and crawling all this is made possible. How well your website SEO services have been structured will determine how your content is cataloged and, ultimately, how well it ranks when people look for your service.