Many companies and businesses used to get use of plastic moulding today. Those companies are with innovative machinary and advanced technology in order to increase the efficiency and the quality of the task. Best companies get support from best injection mould tooling machines.


Injection mould tooling is the process that injection mould tools are made. It is the process of cutting and shaping a raw material (metal) into the required shape and size to bring out the required output. Designers are the ones that employ this system in the injection moulding process. They are making use of advanced technologies such as CAD (computer-assisted design), Mastercam (mould design), and 3D printing (prototyping and design verification) in their work.

What are CNC machines?

CNC simply can be described as Computer Numerical Control. Those are very common popular and standard in the injection moulding tooling process and in manufacturing industry. Those are known to be complex machines that carrying out its process controlled by computers, in an efficient and accurate way. Those are highly recommended for a better injection tool moulding process be

cause they carry out tasks in a way that a manual approach cannot.

3 Types of CNC machines

  1. CNC Milling Machine
  2. CNC Lathe
  3. Plasma Cutter

CNC Milling machine

A CNC mill, one of the most prevalent types of CNC equipment, uses computer controls to cut various materials. A CNC mill may perform a variety of tasks, including face milling, shoulder milling, tapping, drilling, and turning. Mills may translate certain programmes of numbers and characters to move the spindle in different directions. Many mills employ G-code, which, as previously stated, is a standardised programming language accepted by the majority of CNC machines. The majority of CNC mills have three to six axes.

CNC Lathe

Those machines comes with similar controls to those of CNC mills and framework of CNC lathes is similar to manual lathes. It also can read both G-code and other proprietary programming languages. A lathe is a CNC machine that cuts work pieces while they are rotating. CNC lathes can produce accurate cuts fast with a variety of tools.

CNC Plasma Cutter

This machine is commonly used in cutting heavy materials including steel and other forms of metal. It uses a plasma torch in cutting material. Gas is blasted at a rapid rate from a nozzle in a CNC plasma cutter while an electrical arc occurs between the gases flowing out of the nozzle. With that the surface being cut. But they are only work with two-dimensional shapes.

More to above described CNC machines there are many more machines that helps in the injection moulding tooling process. Best injection moulding companies utilize those machinery in the process in order to provide efficient and quality outcome. So be smart to get support from companies with best recourses for excellent project.