Kimberley, Australia is a vast and spectacular region of natural beauty. Full of ancient history and modern adventure, it’s no surprise that the Guided Tours in Kimberley attract travelers from around the world. But what are some of the most popular places in Kimberley? Here are our recommendations:

The Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road is a remote road in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It’s an adventure road, not a freeway, so if you’re looking for somewhere to put your foot down, this isn’t the place!

There are no fuel stations or towns along the way and a low clearance vehicle will be at risk on some of its sections. The road is seasonal and closed during the wet season (December to March), but when it’s open you should definitely check out this incredible route – just make sure your vehicle has plenty of gas in it!

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is the largest artificial lake in Australia and is home to many species of fish.

Lake Argyle was created when the Ord River Dam was built on the Ord River. The dam was completed in 1971, flooding out over 9 thousand hectares of land and creating a reservoir that spans over 50 km long and 8 km wide at its widest point.

Lake Argyle has two islands: Belmore Island, which has a maximum elevation of 400m above sea level and Elcho Island which has an elevation of 300m above sea level.

Guided Tours in Kimberley

Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park is one of the most accessible national parks in the Kimberley region. It is home to several species of rare and endangered fauna, as well as a popular tourist attraction for visitors to this part of Western Australia.

Located just inland from Wyndham, Purnululu National Park has an area of about 1,500 square kilometers (580 sq mi). The park includes a number of massive sandstone domes and gorges that are known collectively as Bungle Bungles.

The landscape is striking throughout the year but especially so during dry season when huge tracts of red sand dunes reveal themselves through areas that were previously covered by dense bush.

Bungle Bungles

Bungle Bungles is a national park in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It is made up of eroded sandstone domes, pinnacles and gorges. The park includes Bungle Bungle Range, Purnululu National Park and other areas.

The area has no roads or marked trails, so visitors have to hike through rugged terrain to see the sights. The park has many caves and canyons that are easily explored by experienced hikers who are equipped with proper gear including food supplies for overnight camping trips as well as flashlights or headlamps for better visibility during night hikes.

Mitchell Falls

Mitchell Falls is a waterfall in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Kimberley, and it’s located in the Mitchell Plateau Conservation Park, about 150km from Fitzroy Crossing.


Kimberley is an amazing place to visit. The beauty of this town is something that everyone should see. Take a Guided Tours in Kimberley and see why Kimberley are world famous for their friendly people.

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