Sometimes when an exercise becomes trendy, like kick boxing NSW, some people stay away from it for that reason. Yet kick boxing is the one exercise trend that we don’t think you should stay away from at all. Kick boxing is the ultimate exercise, be it for the strong or the not so strong. Kick boxing is an incredible discipline. It works out every single part of your body, the aim is about strength and agility, about supreme fitness and also about defence. If you can kick box in the gym, you can kick box anywhere. Kick boxing has been popular for decades but it is only in the last few years that kick boxing has started to appeal to people of all ages and strengths.

Kick boxing equipment

When you visit one of the kick boxing gyms you will see that they provide all different kinds of equipment. A kick boxing class would offer a variety of classes, not just kick boxing. They usually offer general boxing classes, strength training, a variety of cross training and kick boxing, the Thai boxing and more. They have studios and open mat areas, with punching bags, sometimes used depending on the class you are doing. Most kick boxing gyms provide gloves but they do encourage you to buy your own, with time. Buying a pair of boxing gloves is an investment and you do need to be serious about continuing the exercise format.

A trainer at a kick boxing gym is well skilled and can take you from being a beginner boxer to an all round athlete. They have trained hard, they know how to keep you safe and they know how to teach and how to guide you. You do need to choose the right kick boxing NSW gym, of course, one that has experienced trainers.