Now it is 2022, and horror movies continue to produce some absolute beauties. Although pessimistic haters may convince you that horror movies are not dead, the continuation of this type of prolific and profitable legacy shows no signs of slowing down in the short term. Given the large amount of content available at any time, it is not easy to keep up with the newly released content. Fortunately, many of /film’s staff are a bunch of nerds. They spend their time on every benefit of terror, just to feel something. Our desire for terror is in fact insatiable. We will continue to devour every horror movie and turn them into an easy to read list for your entertainment until we die.

Don’t spend another hour scrolling the screen until your eyes bleed and you don’t know what to watch. Here are the best horror movies of 2022, in alphabetical order.

Future sin

In the introduction of David Cronenberg’s latest work “crimes of the future”, a little boy quietly walks into his bathroom and chews a garbage can, as if it were made of biscuits; 8-year-old bracken (sozos Sotiris) can digest plastic well. His mother was disgusted with his son’s physiological demands, so she stifled the child coldly and asked her husband to pick up the body (she called it). This is the beginning of Conan Berg’s comprehensive discussion on climate change, biotechnology and evolution, and – because this is a Conan Berg film – how all this is related to art. This is the Canadian director’s first feature film since maps to the stars in 2014, and his first feature film written by himself since Existenz in 1999. But the storyteller of scanner did not lose the ability to press the button; As conanberg predicted, the screening of the film in Cannes included enough body modification and image viscera to cause the audience to exit.


The dating world is definitely a nightmare. Few movies can exemplify this reality like fresh. Nora (Daisy Edgar Jones) is caught in the fierce competition of modern dating, trekking in the ocean of endless unsolicited penis photos, boring dinner dates and the desperate desire to have sex with her by men she can only meet through dating software. App based dating is a bunch of weird and disappointing garbage, so Nora is very happy when she meets Steve (Sebastian Stein) in her grocery store. Steve is a charming fool (because he is Sebastian Stan) and he pursues her by talking about marshmallow flavored grapes and his love for classic cocktails. They soon developed a lovely relationship, just like the romantic comedy released in Sundance in 2012, which was incredibly beautiful. Yeah, because it turns out… Uh, uh, spoiler.


Physical terror is coming back in a big way, and the “incubation” imported from Finland is an incredible highlight. Siiri solalynna plays Tinga, a young gymnast who is desperate to appease her image obsessed mother, who runs a popular lifestyle Mommy blog. Think of the unbearable mothers in dance moms or toddler and tiaras, dressed in Rae Dunn’s aesthetic, and you’ve found the right direction. One day, a crow flew across the house. Tinga’s mother caught it and broke its neck. Strangely, Tinga was awakened by the crow’s painful cry in the woods late at night and found a strange egg near the crow’s body. She felt guilty about losing her mother’s egg. She took it home, incubated it under the pillow, and finally put it in a plush toy.


In his genre guide novel dance of death, Stephen King, who is known by many as the author of the children of the corn, assumes that when children do something morbid, such as tearing off the wings of insects, most children will not suffer the evil torture that adults give them. Instead, he describes it as a curious impulse:

In eskilvogt’s the innocents, there are four young people walking along these avenues, which was quite routine until they were armed with strange thinking abilities.

Attention to animal lovers: a child uses a very cruel way to acquire knowledge of local animals.

On a sultry summer day in northern Europe, a group of school-age children groped for their own moral standards in the secluded forest, despite the influence of supernatural forces to varying degrees. A man is a victim at first, but if he has the opportunity to punish the bully without touching his finger, he will fight against the corruption of power on his own ideas of right and wrong. The innocent is supported by a group of incredible child stars. The script is so few that people can’t talk to themselves. It is not full of hypocrisy like many bad seed stories; This is both a reliable horror movie and an effective contraceptive advertisement. (Anya Stanley)