Turkish lamps, more popularly known as mosaic lamps, have been in existence for about 5,000 years or even more. Yes, you read that right! These lamps possess a very long history and people have been using them for centuries. Thanks to their timeless beauty, these lamps never go out of style and you can spot them in various households across the world.

If you are looking for fancy decorative lights and are bored of the conventional ones, mosaic lamps would be a delight for you. They look so beautiful that they can glamourize even the most boring corners of your house. You could use them as study lamps or just switch them on to create a mesmerizing ambience during the evenings. They are going to steal your heart for sure.

A Brief History

Turkish mosaic lamps draw inspiration from the decorations and lamps of the palaces of the mighty sultans. You can find various hues of the Ottoman empire and cultures incorporated in these table lamps. Spellbinding crystal pieces of different sizes are used to form attractive shapes along with round forms within the lampshades.

If we talk of their origins, these lamps were first made using ceramics and metal which later got teamed up with plaster and glass to give life to the stunning mosaic designs in the lamps.

The Mesmerizing Structure

Mosaic table lamps are characterized by the different metals used in an extremely detailed manner as well as the plethora of colours that is used in tiny crystals which form mosaics. The lamp set is made of a metal component of brass as well as balloons made of two layers. The first layer has a glass glove which gets covered by a second globe. This globe holds the final mosaic in place.

Every Turkish lamp is a unique masterpiece in its own and you will never find two lamps with the same, repeated pattern. All of them come in varying colours, patterns, drawings and designs and that is what makes them such a gem to have in the house. The design combinations are so different that they can offer hundreds of varied opportunities for ambient decor.

The Decor Element

The mosaic lights make for a great alternative for both professional and private spaces. You can use them in different ways and in different parts of your house or office. If you are bored of the usual lighting, jazz things up a bit and introduce your space to the magic of mosaic glass lamps. They come in a huge variety from floor lamps, wall lights and ceiling lamps to chandeliers and table lamps.

What makes these lights such a brilliant decor piece is the gorgeous light effect that they create when you turn them on. Be it your study corner or a cosy nook in your living space, these Turkish mosaic lamps can become the heart of any corner in seconds. Also, it is not just their beauty that is so enticing. They are incredibly useful as a lighting option too.

The Interesting Features

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Turkish lamps are the products of immaculate craftsmanship and immensely hard work. The premium mosaic crystals along with the smooth finishes make them a treat for the eyes. Glass pearls are joined using plaster for creating the mosaic of these lamps.

The use of plaster adds thickness and robustness to the lamp’s glass globe. The materials that go into creating each mosaic table lamp ensures the high performance of these lamps and also provide high resistance against heat.

The mosaic decorative lights create an ambient atmosphere that promotes rest and relaxation. The coloured mosaics come in such designs that they give birth to unique reflections once the lamp is switched on. This adds to the magnificence of these incredible mosaic lamps. They make for brilliant decor pieces to completely transform the vibe, mood and aura of space for the better.