Advertising industry has shown many faces of it along with the development in the technology sector.

One form of it is the term outdoor advertising. It is another world in itself. One form under the same is

Hoarding advertising. It is traditional tool of marketing and quite popular among all alternatives of

marketing mediums.

For ages, people have been using hoardings for advertisement to display rules, norms and social treaties. Since that time outdoor hoardings advertising has become integral part of social life. Considering its use marketers are seeing hoardings in advertising as an important OOH (out of home) advertisement tool.


Before going into further depth, there should be awareness on the popular types of hoardings.


If you go by the vocab in UK these are boards to display anything important during time of construction

activities. When buildings are in building process these get surrounded by hoardings for moving people.


In US, the advertising hoardings along roadside are known as billboards. These are most common source

of outdoor hoarding advertisement. Billboard hoarding advertisements can also be seen in shopping complexes, malls, events, at bus stops, etc.

Hoarding Boards

Another form of hoarding is hoarding board. You can see them encircling the pitches of cricket ground,

football ground, etc. Brands tap those places to display logo, brand name or tagline.


Single poles with board on top of it standing mostly on roads are uni-poles. They are placed at high heights so that passerbys can see them. It is most effective form of OOH marketing. Due to the amount of views it gets, it is a common choice for companies to advertise via unipoles.


On building surfaces, they are either painted or sheets are attached to them. They are little

creative and attractive. They can be made as big as the structure of the building. People can see them

from distances because of their huge sizes.

24 Sheets

They are used very rarely now. The reason is most of them are destroyed when remove from the

billboards. It got this name because of its size i.e. 24 times more than the size of the sheet which is 246’’

x 108’’

Mainly hoardings in advertising were used as barriers along construction sites. Now the same present at various places for diverse reasons.

Let’s look at what it holds for market.

Vivid Presence

Hoardings advertising company take care of all the vendors in PAN India. India has 2nd largest network of road. On side of each and every road your brand has a potential to get displayed. In this way you

can reach every region, city, and state.

Gigantic Display

The unique feature of this hoarding is it allows you to present your ad with huge images. These are so huge than can be seen from distance easily.


Large Mass

People travel for work, study, on holidays, to events, malls, trade fare, etc., with hoarding advertisement

you have ample opportunities to target big mass at once. They are usually placed at places where large

number of footfalls is expected.

If you are working with hoarding advertisement agency they will help in curating the images, writing

short and attractive promotional content. And they will also guide you to how to raise call to action from

hoarding ad. It is the most easy method of advertisement as compared to other platforms

like TV, OTT and many more. In this instead of dealing with the complexities of designing as per terms to

post or load ad you can focus on other vital areas like what section of market to target, how to create

generic hoarding for advertisement which could catch eye of people from different demographics.