You’re just coming out of the store when you notice a man walking up from behind. He appears to have an envelope in his hand. You watch as he approaches and hands it to you before quickly turning around and walking away. What do you do? Disregarding your curiosity, what if you have a child with you?

Situations like this are almost inevitable as the holidays approach, and many people often fall victim to those predators waiting for an opportune moment to rise.

Tip 1 – Be alert! – Sounds simple right? It is no brainer, really; however, so many people are so preoccupied with their phones, personal appearance and other distractions that they barely realise what ten feet in front of them is.

Tip #2 – Keep your luggage to a minimum – if you’re carrying many bags, then you might let it weigh you down. Predators are looking for easy prey. We recommend leaving behind the pocket diaper or the new laptop case to stay safe.

If you are going on a shopping spree, bring a friend and make sure that you have someone who can accompany you and watch out for your safety. Many stores offer this service to their customers, and since they want happy clients, they will go out of their way to help them. Also, remember to get a receipt!

Tip 3 – Be Conservative in what you wear and show– Thieves are looking for anything to grab and make off with. Flashing valuable items around as you walk in might attract more than what you bargained for, such as a Predator. Predators often scan in areas around them, so regardless of whether or not they spot you right away, if they saw what you were carrying earlier, they’ll keep revisiting the area, hoping to catch sight of you once again. It may be possible that they observe other potential targets who don’t look like they can offer much of a reward, but in one way or another, they also linger on persons who don’t seem to have much worth other than their appearance (you). Predators do this because either A) an enabling condition that justifies X is more likely B)The enabling condition doesn’t justify the value of one target over another, but it does justify the predator’s time investment in each target or C) All of the above.

Tip 4 – Unnecessary baggage – If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. If a product is outside of your budget and the amount of money it costs causes stress because you wouldn’t be able to afford its important necessities, then take a pass on it. You deserve something that aligns with what you need and can afford.

Tip 5 – No, you are not some fighter no one will touch – One of the biggest rules we saw in other schools was this mindset that if someone spoke up or asked questions, then they should be considered less-than. We think these assumptions are wrong because everyone is still learning and should have the same opportunity to have their questions answered and voiced. Just remember that you have control over what you do with your knowledge!

The chances of anything happening are slim; however, it is still possible, so please be safe out there this year, and if there is anything Dynamic Self Defense can do to further assist in your self defense for adultswomens self defense classes need, please do not hesitate to contact Krav Maga Systems!

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