Hollywood in Toto editorial

Christian Toto is a sane and bold voice against the political correctness and woke-up restrictions that have overtaken Hollywood. As the editor of Hollywood in Toto, he offers a hearty defense of pro-freedom values and the entertainment industry. Toto is a journalist with 20 years of experience, has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating, is a member of the Critics’ Choice Association, and is a Denver Film Critics Society member. In this piece, he lays out the details, including what the woke revolution means for Hollywood.

Christian Toto is a film critic and editor of the Hollywood in Toto blog. He is a member of the Denver Film Critics Society and the Critics’ Choice Association, and is also a podcaster. Jon and Christian discuss the dissolution of media, the future of celebrity, and the role of Ennio Morricone. Christian recommends The Hateful Eight soundtrack and the Mission movie soundtrack. Listen to the entire interview below!

Architecture in Toto editorial

Founded in 1989, TOTO Publishing is a Japanese book publisher that publishes books on architecture, design, life, and culture. TOTO’s signature series is the ten-volume Architectural Map, which is designed to improve the enjoyment of architectural pilgrimages. In 1994, the first Tokyo Architectural Map appeared. In addition to its traditional architectural books, TOTO also launched the “Earth” photo-book series, which introduces readers to different cultures. All of these books have enjoyed widespread popularity among general readers, educational practitioners, and the media.

The book’s four editions demonstrate a consistent interplay between literary and graphical forms, highlighting the visual, perceptual, and emotional aspects of the architectural experience. The texts also reflect the importance of alternative forms of environmental communication. Although the four editions are different in many ways, the shared poetics of these works is evident. The texts demonstrate the importance of both the aesthetic and ecological aspects of architecture. Moreover, the essays show that architects must develop alternative means to communicate environmental awareness.

Life and culture in Toto editorial

The company’s social contribution activities center on architecture, design and water use, amidst its operations of household fixtures and appliances. 토토사설, which was launched with the aim of fostering the architecture culture, is one vehicle for cultural activities. Life and culture in Toto editorial: a brief history of Toto’s cultural activities