No matter if you decide for the grand renovation or just a minor remakes here and there –
finishing touch is the key to the final and the best possible interior design. Elements such as
curtains, metal wall tiles or small decorative art piece not only it will make the whole room
look complete, liveable, but also original. Read this article to know more about tips on how to
take the best out of your home or apartment.

Overall interior design – what you should remember about?

Floor, doors and windows – those 3 elements should be a basic for a good interior design.
Consider coherent textures – do you want to go with smooth, glossy surfaces or rather
natural, uneven ones? It is always good to stick to timeless pieces. Those expenses will pay
you the hard work in stunning finish effect.


Lightning is often mentioned as an effortless upgrade of the entire look of the interior. Well-
known designers fully agree with that! Appropriate lightning can make your room look more
spacious and emphasize the most interesting elements of its natural architecture.


Well-designed accessories will never be enough if you lack statement pieces such as
furniture. Remember to always choose only one element that grabs attention – it can be a
futuristic sofa, appealing bookshelf or a ceiling-height backsplash. Don’t go over the top to
avoid flashy effect. Try to stick to a neutral colour palette, so that you can easily refresh the
interior by just changing accessories. It will be much more convenient and the most
importantly – affordable.
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Decorative elements

Anything from scented candles, mirrors, decorative frames for photos of you and your family,
colourful vases and many more can be a perfect final touch in your living room, bedroom or
dining room. Take closer attention to coherent choice of materials. People decide for natural
tones of wood, stone and metal to make their space look more cosy. You can freely get
playful with layout of those elements! Designers advise to carefully think about what is naturally missing from a certain place.
You can experiment and place elements in different configurations to get the look that you want. Think also about a set of handmade cooper tiles with original motive such as Celtic tree of life or floral pattern.
They are definitely one of the kind solution, that will make your room stand out.

Metal wall art

Metal elements, such as copper tiles, are getting more and more popular among people
who appreciate a sophisticated, unusual and high-class look. If you want to make your
interior appear more luxurious, go for dark paint for walls and light extra pieces with glossy
surface such as stainless steel tiles. It will provide interesting contrast.
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Final thoughts

Designers advise trusting your inner voice. Although the trends are important, and they can absolutely be one of the kind inspiration, always stick to your personal taste. Try to add or modify elements such as metal wall decor to achieve the style that you will enjoy the most.