Co-operative Society software company helps you to connect the relationship between your co-operative housing society and its members. This application is a very suitable medium to provide proper service to all the members of your cooperative.

We provide fully equipped housing society management software in India for those people who are always trying to help their society members as well as general customers. It has the ability to better manage your apartment society management services.

Modules for residential occupants

  • Deal with different types of occupant and house information, visitors, invited relatives, staff, and vehicles.
  • Online payment and installment management.
  • Properly manage bills, facilities, charges, monthly installments, etc.
  • Complaints and advice module for tracking all complaints and suggestions.
  • If any of the accommodation is vacant, you can notify all the members through this module And with this module you can post ads online and find new clients.
  • Benefits of Android mobile application for all residents of Housing Society.
  • Service booking and update module for managing service accounts. You can control aspects like water supply, gas connection, exploration, home renovation, housing care and much more.
  • Association planning, culture news, organizing events, seeing notice boards and much more.

Billing and maintenance

With our society software in Maharashtra you can create maintenance bills, pay, unpaid and cancel, overpay, as well as view all invoices with one click.