A pre-purchase building inspection one of the must have inspections that you should consider before purchasing a property. It can uncover structural, conditionals and design defects or subtle issues with the interior and exterior of a property which are quite likely to be missed out through non-professional eyes.

That’s why it’s important to contact the experts at White Building Reports. Our qualified building inspector in Melbourne will assess every aspects of the property before buying or investing.

White Building Report’s building inspectors can examine the interior and exterior of the home or commercial building, including the roof space, underfloor space, the roof exterior and the actual site of the property, which are all important areas that should be inspected for any residence in Melbourne

The inspections will identify all the potential deal breakers, such as significant structural movement, major water penetration and considerable deterioration in the building elements, including roofing, rendering, and painting.

If you’re buying a property in an area where termites and pests have been a problem, a separate termite and pest inspection are highly recommended.

A pest inspection can not only uncover evidence of things like termite damage, but a building and pest inspection can also help safeguard property buyers against investing in fault-ridden properties caused from white ants and other detrimental problems.

The other benefit of a property inspection is that if no major issues are identified, but several minor problems are noted, the report can become a powerful negotiating tool in regards to purchasing price.

How Can A Pre-Purchase Building Inspector Help You?

If you have found the home of your dreams, then it is easy to jump straight in and make an offer.

But before you go any further to signing on the dotted line, it’s worth contacting White Building Reports for a non-bias and qualified look at the property to avoid making a big financial mistake.

When you first look at a property, it’s only natural to get carried away with your hopes and dreams of the future. However, a building inspector will be able to see the whole picture and give you an informed report.

Questions might arise such as, is the fresh paint covering damage? Is the plumbing working as it should? Is there movement in the walls that may result in cracking?

These are all issues that can be overlooked in a standard walk-through, but they can make all the difference when you’re looking at making one of the most significant financial investments of your life.

Also, if you’re interested in finding out something specific, like whether the property could sustain a second storied in the future, White Building Reports may be able to give you an indication of this.

You can also have a separate pre-purchase building inspection report completed to ensure there are no hidden nasties under those polished floorboards.