As the head attorney with the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law firm, Alexandra Lozano has helped thousands of clients with their immigration cases. She is dedicated to keeping families together, helping immigrants settle their legal disputes and get their immigration paperwork in order without leaving the country.

But to become the successful immigration attorney she is today, Abogada Alexandra had to put in a lot of work and experience plenty of hardship. However, despite all of the trials and tribulations, she has managed to make a name for herself as an immigration lawyer and provide much-needed services to the Latin American community here in the United States.  

Read on to learn how she built up Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law, more about her work to support immigrants to the United States, and her philosophy on being a good lawyer. 

Early Life

As the grandchild of immigrants herself, Alexandra Lozano has always been invested in improving people’s lives who have chosen to adopt the United States as their new home. Hearing stories throughout her life about her grandparents’ experiences moving here from Italy and the Czech Republic and settling in the US, the struggles of new immigrants have always been at the forefront of her mind.

When she took a trip to Belize at the age of 16 and witnessed the impoverished conditions many immigrants were fleeing from, she became determined to help these individuals in any way she could. 


Motivated by her love of the Latin American community, Alexandra Lozano decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in Spanish. Alexandra became completely fluent in Spanish at a near-native level, which has allowed her to connect with and serve her clients more deeply. 

Later, Alexandra Lozano moved to Seattle, Washington, to obtain her law degree. During her time in law school, she was very hardworking and passionate about her field, completing an internship with the Executive Office for Immigration Review with the Department of Justice Immigration Court and her rigorous studies. 

Early Career

After graduating from law school, she began to work as an attorney for several firms, mainly assisting recent immigrants who were being threatened with deportation. Frustrated with a lack of mission-focused law firms, she decided to start her own. And thus, the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm was born.

Focused entirely on developing her practice, Alexandra could now spend most of her time assisting Latin American immigrants with their legal needs and giving back to the community in ways she had always dreamed of. 

Dedication to her Practice

With the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law firm officially up and running, Lozano had her nose to the grindstone, focusing most of her time on helping as many immigrants as possible with their legal cases. 

Thanks to her dedication, the firm has been able to help thousands of clients remain in the country legally. 

Community Support

Alexandra Lozano Helping Her Community.

In addition to her work with her legal practice, Lozano has found other ways to assist the community with her legal expertise. In 2016, she launched “Mi Abogada Dice,” a series of Facebook Live chats where the community can ask her questions about immigration and she answers their questions live. 

After the chats, she posts the recordings on her YouTube channel so that the community can continue to access them and benefit from the information. 

Association of Mother Immigration Attorneys

Alexandra Lozano isn’t just a fantastic lawyer. She’s also a wife and with her husband they raise their five children. She has had to juggle the task of raising her family and her husband while managing her immigration law practice. 

So in 2015, to help other women like her- who were running law firms and raising families- she started the organization AMIGA, the Association of Mother Immigration Attorneys, to create a network of women in similar positions to work together for mutual support and career development. 

Literary Publications

Lozano is incredibly passionate about disseminating useful legal information to the public so that people who need to navigate the legal system can be as informed as possible. 

As part of this endeavor, she has published three books focusing on immigration law and career development. Her 2018 book Be the CEO of Your Law Firm offers helpful advice to new lawyers struggling to see success with their budding firms. 

What Does Being a Good Lawyer Mean to Abogada Alexandra?

For Alexandra Lozano, being a good lawyer means always going above and beyond to find a solution to her client’s problem. She is known for revolutionizing the use of the T Visa for survivors of Human Trafficking and for utilizing the Violence Against Women Act, even when most attorneys do not screen for or use these types of cases. 

For Abogada Alexandra, ensuring that her clients resolve their immigration cases without leaving the country is one of her biggest goals. 

Awards and Recognitions

Lozano has received several accolades to commemorate her success in immigration law. These include but are not limited to the Seattle University School of Law Alumna Award and the American Immigration Lawyers Association Sam Williamson Mentor Award. 

Alexandra Lozano is the Perfect Attorney to Assist with Your Immigration Case

If you need legal services to assist with your immigration to the United States, Abogada Alexandra’s Law Firm firm is always available to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact Abogada Alexandra and learn how you can get your case resolved without leaving the United States.