The bedroom is where you “recharge” and prepare freshly for your daily lives. According to experts, every bedroom should be created to match our character and passions and produce calming vibes. Boho Bedroom design helps create the warmth and cosiness we sometimes need the most. Basically, bohemian bedroom designs are focused on a semi-eclectic blend of colours, textures, and patterns, creating an artistic feel inside your interiors. Modern boho designs focus on lively colours and shades which can make a difference. Here, we list some stylish bohemian bedroom designs that can make your interior look apart.

Modernistic Boho Bedrooms

A contemporary boho design can bring in a glamorous feeling inside your bedroom. Bring strategically placed paintings, wallpapers and other decorations for a relaxed look. Bringing in mirror elements can make the room look more spacious. Go for a chick-style carpet or rug inside the space for a homely feel. You can try out the modernistic glass wardrobe or a full-length mirror dressing table, which can mix with the vibe inside the room.

Go Rustic

For those who are not a fan of colours can go for a rustic-looking interior, which gives a unique elegance to your interiors. You can go for rustic style old furniture units, which can be the difference. The interior can be improved by bringing in a wooden bookshelf or a leaning one, along with the rustic bed. You can even go for a boho-style wooden headboard in the rustic theme for a grand-looking bedroom. 

The Versatile Green

Green theme boho style bedrooms are beautiful and unique. Try out an unfinished bed frame, dark theme wooden bookshelves, rocking chair and hanging shelves inside the bedroom. The room will have ample space to keep plants in an organised manner. You can opt for hanging pots near the windows, which gives you an eco-friendly interior.

English Style Boho Bedrooms

English-style boho bedroom designs provide an eclectic statement in your bedrooms. You can go for stylish white and cream designs to bring a chic style feel inside your bedrooms. The English-style cream side tables and high gloss wardrobes will bring a luxurious feeling inside the bedroom. Also, try introducing white curtains, which can bring more positivity inside the bedrooms. 

The Beachy Boho Style

Coastal artwork and blue hues are the perfect way to achieve that oceanic feel inside your bedroom. You can go for unique beachy shades like ivory, pale blue, and other varying shades of blue can be brought into the room, improving the room’s aesthetics. In addition, you can make the room more genuine with a natural wood finish and some stonework.

The French Theme

French boho-style bedrooms can add a romantic vibe and an element of dreaminess. Bring a french antique cane headboard and burnished brass lamp to the bedrooms to have the vibes from the 70s. The seamless options, including the french chair, airy curtains and cushion pillows, will bring a dreamy vibe inside the bedrooms.

Choose The Grey Style

You don’t have to stick with vibrant colours for the boho designs, as you can go with the cool grey shade. Grey boho designs can go well with all decor styles. Try to bring in furniture from wardrobes to dressing tables in light and dark grey shades. You can include grey curtains or cushions to make it look more attractive.

Bottom Line

Boho designs are currently in trend; everyone wants to create one in their home. These bohemian bedrooms will inspire you if you have a gipsy spirit. We can add bold shades, classy patterns and even organic components based on your tastes in the living room. Our bohemian designs follow a variety of patterns in the designs. We give you the freedom of choice as you can add as many customisations as you need. Visit our London showroom today to discuss more bohemian bedroom designs.