Bottles made up of PET material are highly demanded for production of durable and strong Bottles. These bottles can be further used for distinct applications. The major use of PET bottles are seen in the Packaging industry for Beverages. The Most common example out of which is the Carbonized drinks which contains pressurized gas inside and is filled in the bottle and sealed. These type of conditions can built up pressure on the inside of the bottles. Elevating pressure can lead to bursting of the bottle if not tolerable and mostly happens with the poor quality material. To avoid such situations, the bottles are tested for its resistance strength towards elevating pressure or pressure for a long time period.

Bottle burst tester perform real simulation of pressurized environment

More the bottle are resistant to keep the pressure inside without disturbing its own quality, more will be its life expectancy. The increase in the validity of bottles will lead to a better sale figure as customers seek PET bottles which can maintain its quality for long. So that the customers always seek for the same brand again and again. To fulfil this, manufacturer rely on Bottle Burst Tester which is used to perform real simulation of pressurized environment which can push the material internally to burst out. The thing to be noticed that which material or bottle burst at how much time period and at what pressure level.

If your requirement is that the bottle must sustain the pressure of 60 lbs and for 5 hours, the you must see if that fulfils by keeping the specimen inside the testing chamber and setting the parameters as per. If at the end of the test, you find the bottle’s quality perfect, then it cleared the test and can be used for final production and if it get bursted or develop minor cracks or it deforms then it will not be considered for further process.

The bottle burst tester is a unique test cabinet which is designed according to international testing standards which includes – ASTM C147-86 (2015). The bottle burst tester digital model has a special cabinet designed to clamp the PET bottle. It allows different sizes and shapes of bottle to be easily clamped. Digital timer and pressure hold facility is available for the user to monitor. The pneumatic pressure control ensures a smooth and precise testing experience. It has safety feature implemented too with alarm buzz system. It buzzes an alarm on completion of the test to signal the user that now he can note the reading and open the chamber for a visual inspection.

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