The world for artists has become very hard to get popular today compared to past times. This has been a great impact due to technology. Although technology does help up-and-coming artists a lot, it also puts artists at various disadvantages. Sure, technologies help BC artists reach more people without leaving their art studio. Still, this aid has also worked as a catalyst to raising the competition level and bringing a whole level of complexity to promoting their work.

Especially the independent artists. One promising approach would be getting the artworks into an art gallery with such disadvantages. It saves you from all the hassles of commercializing the work and freeing up your time and enhances the quality of your work as it gets to be displayed in a gallery. But to get a spot in a reputed art gallery, you must know how to submit your work or get art galleries to notice your work.

Where should you showcase your artwork first?

Before you approach an art gallery for your artwork’s submission, it would be more helpful to know where you should showcase your art piece first. It would be more time-efficient not just for you but also for the gallery owners and the curators. Look through various galleries and know what kind of artwork they tend to exhibit.

You can refer to their past and current exhibitions to know what artists in BC prefer and compare whether the theme or style of your artwork or media falls into their categories. This way, you get to choose only the galleries to submit your work where there are more possibilities of acceptance and save you from hearing several rejections.

How to prepare for the art gallery application?

Before you work on submitting your artwork to a gallery, you need to make sure that your artwork is ready for application in an art gallery submission. You must know that most galleries look for BC artists who are new in the art world to create unique and memorable works, so they can keep the buyers excited by their visiting their exhibition shows again and again to collect something fresh.

While preparing for an art gallery application, make sure you know your work is ready for getting display in the gallery. It should entail a unique artistic perspective that reflects your new qualities as an artist. You can think of using interesting materials or techniques to attract art gallery dealers who are looking for artists in BC. Make sure your art doesn’t resemble some other artist’s work, so you can’t avoid being seen as a plagiarised artist.

Artists looking to get their work into a gallery should be active in the art community to know which gallery is looking for new artists. So, visit art exhibitions regularly. Check out the website of Gallery 421 to learn about their exhibition schedules so you can join their community.

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