There are so many options that one can consider when it comes to using a software program, for safety and for security purposes, all of those are very easy to install also they are all very cheap and effective at the same time. But none of them is still as efficient as Total AV. But still, for some reason, there are chances that the user may wish to delete or disable Total AV. The process is easy to do but still, there are chances that the user may stuck with the process so for a solution to that the user should take proper guidance.

Why one would need to disable Total AV?

Well, this is something that one cannot answer with a proper general point of view; the reason for this would depend on many factors including the change in preference. Also, that change of preference is something that would depend on many factors. But more than the reasons the thing that is important is how one can delete or disable Total AV from the computer or the Mac.

How can I disable or delete Total AV from Windows –

In order to, do it please follow the steps given below-
  • Click on the Windows icon that will open the start menu
  • After that, at the bottom left corner of the desktop, you will get to see the options available in the menu.
  • Next, click on “control panel” on the keyboard
  • After this, choose “uninstall a program”
  • Right after this choose “Total AV”
  • Once, it is done then you should click on “uninstall”’
  • After this, please click on yes for confirming uninstallation
  • Next, you will need to restart your computer

So, this is how you can get rid of Total AV on Windows, if that is needed after this let us further see how the users can do this on the Mac.

How to disable or delete Total AV from Mac?
If you need to do that, please follow the steps given below-
  • Please open Mac’s application folder
  • There click on the blue folder that has the A icon
  • After this, on the dock in the left sidebar please click on “applications”
  • Then in the application folder please search for the Total AV app
  • It will be a white keyhole in the red color shield icon
  • From there you can easily drag and drop the Total AV application from the trash
  • After this right click on the trash icon
  • Next, please click on “empty trash”

So, this is how you can deal with this if you have to disable the software program from the Mac. Everything is well explained here for the ease and comfort of the Total AV users.

If you are thinking that you can disable Total AV like other antivirus software programs for a temporary time period then that is not an available option. You will have to delete or will have to uninstall the software program from the computer or Mac whatever is in use. So, this is how you can do it just like you should accurately.

Conclusion –

All the information is well provided here there is nothing left, just to keep it all smooth and well in place; the users should go through the guide carefully. The guide is really going to help people in various ways. With the help and support of the experts, you can be sure to get the best solution possible for any problem that you are facing with the setup and workings of the Total AV antivirus software program. Also, you will get your issue resolved instantly then and there at Total AV Contact number UK.

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