Gmail is surely a well-known and acclaimed name in the world of email service providers. With great features, alluring services, and enhancing updating, it has created an enormous buzz. Yet Gmail is not immune from the various technical flaws like the Gmail app no connection or not receiving emails. Now, if you are stuck and you wish to resolve or troubleshoot the issues, you are supposed to follow and apply the steps that are explained here.

What could be the possible reasons behind Gmail receiving duplicate emails?

There are different reasons behind Gmail receiving duplicate emails, and here are a few reasons given here:

  • Multiple addresses emails sent to one address
  • Wrong POP3 or IMAP settings
  • Creation of loop forwarding by mistake
  • Issues related to Antivirus or firewall
  • Network or server errors

How can I remove Duplicate emails in Gmail?

To remove duplicate emails in Gmail, you are supposed to follow and apply the steps and instructions that are explained here. You can explore the steps and seek your answers.

Solution I: You must apply a filter and then delete the repeated emails

  • First of all, you must launch the browser just by double-clicking on it.
  • Now, you can go to Gmail.
  • And then, log into Gmail just by entering the credentials.
  • Once you do log in successfully, you can then click on settings and then choose to see all settings.
  • Then go to ‘filters and blocked addresses’ and then choose the ‘create a new filter option.
  • Once you do reach there, you can enter the email from where you have received the duplicate email in the ‘from’ section.
  • And once you have entered the email address in the from section, you can simply click on the ‘create filter’ button.
  • Then, tick the checkboxes’ skip the inbox’, ‘apply the label,’ ‘also apply a filter to,’ and then click on ‘create a new label.’
  • Now, you can enter the new label name and then click on create button.
  • And then, you can click on the create filter button.

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Solution II: You should unsubscribe from the mailing list

In case you have subscribed multiple times to any single mailing list, and yet you do receive a single email multiple times. You should try to unsubscribe from a specific mailing list and then delete the multiple emails.

To proceed with this, you are supposed to follow and apply the steps

  • First of all, you should open the email received and then check the ‘from’ section
  • Then you can copy the email id and then use it to search the matching emails
  • And once you have matched emails on your screen, and then select them all and then choose the delete option

You can apply the steps, and so you will be able to resolve the issues. To Stop Receiving Duplicate Emails in Gmail, you can also try to disable the mail forwarding loop, and corrupted POP protocol, and detect and unsubscribe the email ID sending a repeated email.