The food scene in India is very different from what it was a few decades ago. While earlier people were most familiar with local cuisines, slowly they learnt of cuisines across the country and now there are food and beverages offered from international cuisines. The caterers in Thane today offer items from Maharashtrian, South Indian, Mughlai, Punjabi, Chinese, Italian and continental cuisines. 

  • India today does business with almost all parts of the world and some people have had the opportunity of tasting delicacies abroad which has raised the bar for the quality of food prepared in this country. 
  • To perfect the art of preparing meals, chefs from abroad come and train the youngsters here and some of them go a step forward by travelling overseas and learning about the cuisines there. 

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Take the example of the drinks served in the country. Today alcoholic beverages from most major international brands are served here with mocktails and cocktails being served at all parties with shakes. 

What effort do these service providers put in to make the guests smile?

The guests today have high expectations in terms of what will be served to them at the parties. The Caterers in Mumbai serve at all types of occasions including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate events. They don’t just focus on food preparation but on food presentation too, which means that they will have to spend time making the food look appetising. All items that are served from international cuisines have their Indianized version with local spices and other ingredients being used. But if you want items from them to be severed keeping the original flavours intact, you should let these professionals know at the time of hiring. 

You should also note that Indian cuisines are becoming popular overseas with the master chefs being invited to prepare meals for highly rated restaurants.