You can choose between steel, timber or vermiculite for fireproof shutters and doors.

Ratings for Fire Resistance

These materials provide fire resistance.

Two ratings are available: A and C. C is the strongest rating against fire. A refers to people who are sensitive.

Shutters with fire rating

Fireproofing your building can be done by using multiple fire escape doors or fire escape escape doors.

What should they be?

Rolling shutters are available with Fire Rated steel door and are suitable for commercial or industrial buildings.

  • You can enter and exit corridors.
  • Doors to separate two buildings.
  • Stairwells and elevator shafts are easily accessible.
  • There’s two types of dangerous areas in factories.

Installing fire-rated shutter

These shutters are suitable for both commercial and industrial buildings.

Rolling shutters can be fire-rated, which is a great way for increasing fire safety. Installing fire-rated shutters requires the right people.

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