If you’re looking for a way to bring more passion and excitement to the bedroom, heels and stockings are a great combo to try. But how do you bring this up to your wife?

You’ve got a couple of options. First, try surprising her.

Go out and buy some high heels, (make sure you get the right size), that you find sexy.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy a suspender belt because todays women wear tights so she won’t have such an item and this lovely item adds to the excitement.

Wrap them up in a box with some ribbon and leave it as a gift for her. You can even include a note about how hot you think she’ll look wearing them!

Another option is just ask her! Most women are happy to wear lingerie and heels to bed if they know their husband likes it. In fact, she’s probably considered it in the past but wasn’t sure what you would think.

Let her know that you would like her to wear stockings and heels the next time you head to the bedroom. Chances are it will excite her just as much as you.

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