Avianca has been a major and flag carrier Airlines of Columbia. It has mainly taken care of its passengers and whether they are comfortable with the facilities or services they are getting from them. There are a number of issues that passengers face when they travel or before. Not mainly with the services but because they don’t know how half of the things work. If passengers want to know How Do I Upgrade to Business Class on Avianca with which, they are struggling. As for this, they need to know the procedure and the policy of Avianca to upgrade their ticket. If passengers will be aware of all the information that is indeed for this, they will not face much difficulty.

Avianca Upgrade Policy:

How Do I Upgrade to Business Class on Avianca:

Avianca has a policy for it, and it is mandatory that passengers know all the terms and conditions that are included in it. However, they will be safe from any trouble that they could possibly face during the process:

  • The passenger needs to make sure that the flight upgrade must be done 24 or 48 hours before the departure.
  • The ticket for which passengers are doing an upgrade, they need to ensure that the booking must be eligible for an upgrade.
  • The passenger may have to pay the extra charges for the seat upgrading procedure, which depends on the distance and class.
  • When passengers upgrade their booking, they surely get complimentary beverages and food.
  • If passengers want to make the upgrade free of cost, then they need to have a premium or business class booking.
  • The passenger will get their flight upgrade updates on the website at Manage Booking, or they have to check their email.

The procedure passengers need to go through to upgrade their Flight:

It is necessary for the passenger that they must be aware of the procedure that Avianca follows to Upgrade to Business Class on Avianca; in that way, they will not be surrounded by a lot of queries and take less time to do it:

  • Visit the official website of Avianca Airlines.
  • Go to “Manage Your Booking.”
  • Fill out the details such as “Reservation Number” and “Passenger’s Last Name.”
  • The itinerary details will be open. Choose the “Upgrade Seat” from the Menu Bar.
  • Follow the further instructions and select the seat with which passengers want to upgrade it.
  • The new details of the upgraded seat will be sent to passengers on their registered email address and phone number.

Perks of Business Class:

  • Passengers get their own blankets and pillows provided by Avianca Airlines.
  • They will be provided a comfortable lie-flat seat.
  • The passengers will also get the lounge if they are members of Frequent Flyer Plans.
  • To make the passenger feel at home, they are also offered complimentary food and beverages.
  • The baggage allowance for business class is more than the other class, and it provides more extra carry-on baggage too.

Go through all these details that have been given below and make sure that it includes all the answers to the problem that the passenger might be facing related to their Flight Upgrade. If passengers get any more queries, navigate to Avianca’s official website.